Sunday, 10 July 2011

Burning shops OO Gauge 2.wmv

shop front3

shop back row

Until next time... Chris.H


Dawn Frost said...

Great models Chris, love the singed look!

Kathy Bradley said...

I am going to show my hubby tomorrow when he gets off his shift - this is just amazing!!

Lynn said...

Fantastic Chris, it's hard to believe these are made from card! Have visited the site and downloaded some freebies for my son to have a go!

Candy said...

Hi Chris,
I may be wrong - but I believe I have seen
this masterpiece on Jak's site.
I love the fire and all the wonderful details.
Wonder how long it took you to finish this one?
PS - so happy you now have your own Blog :o)

Jan Ltc said...

Your work is wonderful Chris, it should be on show. I make models from Card and I no how long it takes me to make something. I love it but I'm not much good at the colouring and arty stuff. Best of luck with your blogging ect.
xx Jan

Heather said...

these are fab Chris x

Mad Mary said...

Loved this too first time i seen it and you have made the fire in the chip shop look so good. Your job helps with that i presume!
Can't wait to see the Cargo ship now. You are a very talented man.

Mary x

Lynda Beck said...

Im impressed by the way you keep everything so tidy! The models are beautiful, I feel like passing down the street and having a look in the shops.Ive got to you thro Jaks blog and am new at this blogging thing,not as easy as it looks is it.

Anonymous said...

Well done jak !


Wonderfull to see you hogging the limelight all by yourself Chris !!

Your models are just fantastic !

Looking foward to seeing the next project.

All the best


Sheila - Ginger said...

Wow Chris your models are outstanding...what a telent man you are and great to see you have your own blog thanks to the talent and persuasive Jak! Lol!
Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Sheila x

Bee and Dee said...

Wonderful models, they brought happy memories of making railway models with my late husband. Thank you for sharing your models and I hope the blog goes well.
best wishes Bee

Chris said...

Hi Chris, Your models are wonderful. I have seen a few of them on your wife blog. Good luck with your blog.


Aquarius said...

Great models - I bet you had fun making them

Craig said...

Over the moon you have a blog now Chris, its looking good already!

I am lucky to know Chris as a friend and have seen these close up, they are unbelievable brilliant, some of the best I've seen!

I've posted on my blog about your blog mate, so hopefully you'll get a few more hits too! I'll add a link aswell, Jim Harkers site has had a few visits from mine so I'm sure they'll pop over here too!

Have a look at mine when you get a chance I've stuck some photos on of Hartlepool from Saturday. It's

Keep up the good work looking forward to seeing the ship!

Sharon in Arizona said...

I love your models Chris - I'm especially impressed with the His and Hers craft table (smile). I'll be checking back for more views of your handy work. Sharon :o)

Mina said...

oh wow Chris what a fantastic idea to make the chip shop burn with the flickering clever fella you...Im godsmacked with the teeny tiny detail...amazing work
Mina xxx

Cheryl W. said...

You are a true artist. I just love your creations. Wish you could teach my husband your hobby. He needs one as he will soon retire here in Minneapolis, MN (USA). Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Brilliant work, love them!
Tracy x

Jon Bratton said...

The boy done good
I'll send my brother Jim, a fellow fumble fingered fanatic to have a butchers...bakers, chip station.........