Sunday, 17 July 2011

Completed Builds…….

Here as promised is a few pictures of some of my previous projects.

This first one was the first build that I classed as a proper build. It was the Country Pub. I had built a couple of simple projects previous, but the Pub was undertaken with a little trepidation. So I set out my steel rule, put a new blade in my Stanley Knife, polished my glasses and set to.

After a lot of head scratching I finally made progress…..


Pub Inside

and out.

Pub Outside

The only thing I have regretted during these builds is that I did not heed Jak’s advice and take loads of pictures of the build process. This I will rectify when I start my next project (I promise)

The completed Country pub…..




and finally…..


Jak and I are going to the lake district tomorrow on holiday, but I have loaded all my photos onto my laptop so I will post the next project tomorrow night.

Until next time.



Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW this is really an awesome project. You did a fabulous job on this one here. Really fantastic piece of art. I´m totally amazed about all the awesome details on it, and it must really have taken agres to build this? Stunning work.
I hope, that you and JAk are having a great vacation and CONGRATULATIONS with the silver wedding here .

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic Chris and yes you should have listened to Jak about the pictures.LOL.
Have a fantastic holiday and Happy 25th Anniversary to you both.


Tracy said...

What a fabulous build Chris. Love the pub signs.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Elizabeth said...