Monday, 18 July 2011

Terraced Houses…..

This was the next project after the Country Pub. I have only built one row at the moment, but I think it may be one of many! Once again this was from the scalescenes website. The attention to detail in these model downloads is outstanding even the interior detail is incredible and you can’t even see that when you are finished, but you know it is there . If you have not already checked out the website please do, you will be well impressed. These downloads come in both N gauge or 00 gauge model formats and the instructions are so easy to follow, even I can follow them!!

Front view….


Rear view….


……and some close-up detail.


As you can see the detail in the roof is even down to individual rows of slates. I only wish that I had taken some pictures of the interior, as it has fire places,doors,carpets and rugs.It even has pictures hung on the walls. The next time I build a row I will take plenty of pictures during the build.

Until tomorrow…..



Mina said...

wow Chris its the teeny tiny details that fasinate the tiles on the house and the little car park sign on the pub below...stunning project...hope you didnt get wet walking to the pub lol
Mina xxx

Mad Mary said...

I am amazed at the detail in these houses Chris, I of course would live in the house with the Green door as it's my favourite colour and would love to have a door that colour. You must have an amazing amount of patience to make these. Looking forward to the next pictures.