Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Finished at last……

And not a moment to spare. It’s gone to the wire, but it’s finished now. I might have complained a lot about building these shops but I’m pleased I have built them. It has given me a chance to take a trip down memory lane. The name of the shops are a mixture of semi modern shops local to where I live, and shops from my childhood. I had great fun trying to remember those obscure shop names from the past. 


Again, I’m blown away by the detail in this kit from scalescenes. Calverts is still my favourite shop, even though it took me the longest due to all the fine cutting out.




I even had a bit of fun with one of my old buses…..


There is a story about this bus. Many moons ago in my dark and distant past, I used to be a bus driver and I actually drove this bus. It’s number was 3662. The service it is on is the 220 between Sunderland and Durham, and I often drove this route. During my time as a driver I started to collect Corgi Buses. Well my collection grew and grew, and before I knew it I had about 60 to 70. I had them displayed in two display cabinets on the living room wall. But this was getting to be to much. All of the dusting and cleaning. So when my Great Nephew Dylan came along, I decided to give them away to him. Every time Dylan came to visit he would be asked if he wanted a bus to take home. Well, I don’t think there was one occasion he didn’t leave with a hand full. Fortunately he has kept them at his Nanas, and subsequently been played with by not just Dylan, but my Grandson Jack and my other Great Nephew Alfie. I’m pleased they are not behind glass anymore, but been played with by happy young playful Boys.

So what became of 3662?

I had to keep it for myself. I couldn’t bring myself to part with it, even to my Grandson Jack. Maybe one day.

Until next time…….



Daisychain said...

Absolutely spectacular!!!

I have been popping in to watch the progress of this project and I am so amazed by your patience to get everything just right. Sometimes, if it was me, it might have been thrown out the window!

I love the fact that the facades are aged too. So often the doll's house papers are pristine and you have to spend many hours just scuffing them about etc to make them look more real. Love the bus too, it looks as if it belongs there.

Altogether a brilliant job Chris, well done! I am sure that everyone who sees it in real life are going to be blown away by it.

Hugs Christine x

jordiegirl said...

Absolutely fabulous - have been away on holiday so haven't checked in lately.

Tracy said...

Love your story about your buses, it's good to know the kids are getting some joy from them.

Your street is looking wonderful, the shops are brilliant.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Mad Mary said...

Loved your story behind the bus and you really did have to keep that one. Love the shops Chris, you have done so well with these.
Enjoy the show on Sunday.

Mary x

Amanda said...

Absolutely fabulous, love this and can't believe it s paper and card, awesome job