Sunday, 16 October 2011

N.E.D.C.C Update….

Just a quick update on the North East Dicast Collectors Fair yesterday at Birtley.

First of all I would like to thank all of you that came to see me and introduce yourselves in my little classroom along the corridor. I was out of the hustle and bustle of the main halls, but that suited me just fine. A quiet little haven to showcase my models and build a new one for the collection and on the plus side, I could talk in peace to all you who had questions about scalescenes products. One of the most frequent questions I was asked was “What did I print my images on” Well I can tell you I don’t print onto plain paper, I print onto A4 Address Labels. These are readily available from any stationary store or off the internet. They may be a little more expensive than printing onto paper but, it eliminates sticking the images onto the board with glue and getting the dreaded air bubbles. Plus once mounted onto the board you can work immediately with that piece. No waiting for the glue to dry. I also find that using a glue stick causes me problems, because the glue tends to dry rather quickly and on larger areas, this can mean reapplying a couple of times before getting the image mounted. Anyway this is my preference, we all have our own opinions on what is best.

The model I decided to build was the Garage T017 in brown brick. I wanted to try and complete a project in one day, so that the visitors could see a “start to finish” build. Unfortunately I didn’t manage it, but I nearly did, it only took me about an hour to complete last night and it looks great. 

Once again thanks for all of your support yesterday as well as here on my blog.

I am trying a new format for showing my pictures and I’m not sure. What do you think. Please leave a comment. Thank you.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.


And some pictures of the Garage all finished.


Until next time……



Lauren Anderson said...

Hi dad- I like the new format... It works great on my phone. Your models arent too bad either!! Haha xx

Amanda said...

Love the models, the tip about labels is perfect, what board do you use?

Toni said...

very nice Chris

Chris Heath said...

Hi Amanda,
This is the only way I can see in contacting you. Thank you for your comment and the board I use is Grey Board. Availible from craft shops or off the internet.

Mad Mary said...

Hi Chris, yes the new picture format is great, really like it. The garage is fantastic. There was an old abandoned garage not unlike that here in Fife. Glad you had a good day yesterday.

Mary x