Friday, 11 November 2011


I feel that I must post this to thank all of the people out there who take the time to look at my humble blog. When I started the blog back in the summer, I never imagined that so many people would be interested in watching me building my loft layout and my scalescenes models. I feel humbled when I think that I have had 5000 hits. Thank you all so much. There are times when I just can’t be bothered when I get in from work to pick up my craft knife. But I then think that people are out there  looking at my blog and waiting for an update on the progress. That it inspires me to get off of my backside and do something. I am sure that that can only be a good thing. Once again can I thank you all for helping me achieve 5000 hits.

It has been a bit hectic at work recently and I genuinely have not had time to either blog or even pick up the knife, but I promise I will get something on over the weekend as I am off work. First lie in for 20 days. That is if I don’t get called out for the fire brigade!! Here’s  hoping.

Until Next Time…….



Mad Mary said...

Well Done Chris, I pop in every few days to see if you have done an update. I know you are very busy so i just look forward to seeing what you have done when you have free time to add it.
Hopefully you won't get called out this weekend.

Mary x

Maryann Laursen said...

Congratulations with the 500 hits here, but I´m not surprised at all, as it´s really facinating to see these small miniaturebuildings come up, and I´m sure, there´s a lot outthere who would love to give that a try too, and is very interested in seing what others are doing too.
So just keep up the great work as now, and I´m sure, you´ll soon hit a much higher number, as it´ll go faster the more who gets to know about it.
Have a great and fun week-end now.