Sunday, 20 November 2011

Better Late, Than Never!

Here it is then, the latest project for Wynyard Lane. It is the Warehouse/Factory T026 from scalescenes. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to bring it to you but, I’ve had major computer problems. To the point it has had to be totally flattened and re-built. Subsequently I have lost a lot of my editing software and programs, so I’ve had to start all over. Being without my laptop was like having right arm cut off. I don’t just use it for pleasure but I use it for work as well.

Well here it is. I have never seen so many windows! I have definitely got cutter outers finger.



Any way after lot of cutting and cursing I eventually got all of the walls and windows cut out and got them all mounted together to create the finished walls. All the hard work, I think you’ll agree was worth it.


Just when I thought all the hard work was done and I just had to put it all together, I forgot about all the windows and doors. Thirty eight windows to be precise and ten doors.


Not only is there great outside detail, but as with all scalescenes models, the interior is just as good.



The next stage is to build the interior, even though it won’t be seen and pull all of the walls together.

Until next time…….



Tracy said...

This is looking fabulous Chris, this project is going to be amazing when completed.
Tracy x

Mad Mary said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems, great things when they work but a pain when they don't.
Oh my goodness Chris, that is a lot of cutting out. I think my fingers would drop off after all that cutting.
Looking forward to seeing the next set of pictures.

Mary x

jordiegirl said...

Amazing can't wait to see the finished article.