Sunday, 4 March 2012

Gantry Crane Update………..

I got back from my trip to Liverpool on Thursday night to late to go to the Fire Station. So I had a great opportunity to sit at the table, relax and make some progress on the T017 Gantry Crane from scalescenes. This project has reminded me of the T030 Cargo Ship, in as much as it is a very technical build. Unlike most of the builds like houses shops and the like that are similar in construction to start with, this one is good for getting the grey matter thinking. At first glance it looks very flimsy or fragile, but due to its very clever lamination and integral strengthening, it is deceptively strong and sturdy.

Anyhow less rabbiting on let’s have a look at the progress so far.



Along with the lamination, there is some brilliant cover pieces that help with the strength.



Well that’s one done, what’s next? Oh yes, another one. At least once I have two, it will all start coming together.

And as if by magic, I have two!



Once the top beams are in place it all starts to come together, and you feel as if you have achieved something. I know the next picture looks similar to the former, but it is showing the covering pieces that make the structure look like a solid lump of engineering.


I have opted for the Freightliner livery, as it is the oldest one available out of the three that are supplied with the kit.



Now that the main structure is in place, the clever stuff starts. Each corner or leg gets it’s own bogey. These are so small but so effective. I had to get my wife Jak to help me cut these little blighters out, as I was struggling to cut out the fine detail with my sausage fingers!




So that’s how far I’ve managed to get so far. I’m hoping to have it finished for next weekend, as I have a show to do at Birtley and I would like have the finished Crane to show off. I will post in the next couple of days with the details of the show, just in case you fancy popping by and saying hello.

Until Next Time…………



Jean said...

Looking good Chris. Will you need the use of Jak's fingers to do all the wire threading? Hope you get it finished for your show.

Mad Mary said...

That's fantastic Chris and i just love the rusty well worn effect that is on it too. Would love to come along to a show but you are far too far away. Will keep an eye out for the next update.

Mary x

p.s My husband has sausage fingers too lol

craftynanny said...

That's great Chris!! Erm...........where do the ribbons go?? Lea x

Frances said...

Great project. Thanks for sharing, Frances.

pqueenie said...

Chris, I just found your site and I am so impressded. Your attention to detail is magnificent. I love miniature things anyways and you do not forget a thing. Keep up the great work. Margaret