Saturday, 17 March 2012

I’m Not A Happy Chappy……………

I came in from work last night only to find my work space had been taken over!! I have one corner of the table that both my Wife and I share, but apparently that’s too much. She’s taken all of it now. She had to take some pictures to take of some freebies that she is giving away on her craft blog so she only used MY SPACE. I think she thought she would have it all put away and my space put back to normal before I got in, but I caught her.


Thankfully all has been moved back to her side now, and peace has been restored in the Heath household.

Until Next Time………….



Maryann Laursen said...

Well what can I say? MAybe you should do as my hubby just did here last year. We had a simular problem here and was always battling a bit about who needed the most space ( he´s accembling computers and takes a lot LOL). But like I sad, we had quite some fights now and then, so finally last year, he made me a new huge craftroom, and then he got the entire space in the old room, so now we have each our rooms and peace has come to stay for good here too ha ha ha. I´m sure Jak would love to have a great new BIIIIIIIIIG craftroom too he he he. Ask her and let me know, what she answers? he he he
HAve a great week-end both of you in peace and harmony.

Toni said...
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Toni said...

we always need more space Chris you of all people should know that living with Jak thats why you've been moved to the loft and Jak has the rest of the house
I think shes very kind to give you the ickle bit of the table when your in and you get to spend quality time together but..... when your out its a whole different ball game lol
he he xxx

Jak Heath said...

In my defence I actually allowed Chris to have that corner of MY table, I do have a craft room but at the end of the day it's just too small and my craft is how I earn a crust for the table(when its cleared) So think on Chris, when all said and done it is MY table and you invaded MY space lol!

Mad Mary said...

LOL Chris, do you realise how lucky you were to get that space in the first place lol lol lol. Jak was sooooooooooo kind to let you have it, and if she needs it now and then you have to accept that :-)

Mary xx

My'scardcorner said...

LOL glad to hear that youve got your share back Chris but hey that candy was worth giving it up for a wee while lol