Monday, 11 June 2012

Outbuildings and Walls………

Those very generous people at scalescenes  have come up with a free add on for the T008 Low Relief House Backs. The kit already come with walls in the download, but I found it odd that the back walls had no gates, so there was no means of access to or egress from the property. I mean, how were you going to put your bins out! So I contacted scalescenes with my concerns and they replied stating that these houses were designed to back onto a railway line, so it wouldn’t be wise to have access to the railway line.

Anyhow, they took on board my suggestions and along with other modellers comments and they came up with the free add on pack with back gates and even coal houses. Not only do these fit on the T008 Low Relief House Backs, they also fit on existing T022 Small Terraced Houses.

Well I had to build a set for my existing set of T022’s.

Please excuse the colour of my walls. These pictures do not give a true representation of the product. I am having a little problem with my printer and is not printing true colours. But they will have to do for now.

 IMG_0127       IMG_0128

IMG_0130     IMG_0131

What I like about this add on is that it even has coal house hatches.

 IMG_0133       IMG_0134

I know that these are not yet permanent, but I had to have a look at what they might look like.


Well I suppose that I’d better get a  start  building the T008 Low Relief House Backs.

Until Next Time……………


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Mad Mary said...

Thanks for sharing your work once more Chris, i enjoy seeing all your work coming together. Love the little doors on the Coal houses. Brilliant!

Mary x