Monday, 23 July 2012

Modern Steel Coil Shed………..

 Just a quick update on whereabouts I am with the construction of the scalescenes T009 Modern Industrial Building. The plan was to have a go at my first “modified” building. I was going to try and replicate one of the steel coil sheds we have where I work at the docks. This, I hoped, might have been good enough to to maybe sit in main office reception. Well I’m afraid it’s proving to be a lot harder than I had anticipated. I thought I had nothing more to do than to join about three of the buildings together, then make some replica steels coils out of dowel to fill up the shed. WRONG!! If I had actually thought about what I wanted to do, I would have realised that it would not be that simple. In the first instance, to achieve the correct scale, or somewhere near, it would have taken five buildings joined together to make one long shed. This in it’s self would have been a mammoth task, taking into consideration all of the detail that goes along with a scalescenes building. Just the roof supports would have taken me an age to do all twenty. Then there would be the coils. Again, it sounded like a good idea when it was swimming around in my pea sized brain. I got a photograph of one of the steel coils, taken end on. As they are wrapped in hardboard, I thought I could use wooden dowel and print out the side on view of the coils onto round sticky dots. Sounds good doesn’t it. That’s what I thought. So I got my wife Jak to shrink and scale the image of the coil so that I could use it on the dots on the side of the coils. (This looked brilliant by the way.) They would have been perfect, if it wasn’t for the fact that there would have been over four hundred to do!! I would have still been doing these when I was picking up my old age pension. Next, the fact that the steel coil shed is not a stand alone structure. It is part of a “L” shaped configuration. To achieve this, it would have taken another two buildings joined on the end to make the “L”. I am now thinking I may have bitten of more than I can chew. No doubt it would have looked very impressive, but I think I may have a lot more to do for myself on Wynyard Lane, than trying to be too ambitious  and do something that is way out of my league.

I’m still going to finish building the T009 Modern Industrial Building, but I’m going to stick to the original design. I still intend to fill it with steel coils, but not four hundred of them. I have started it, but I can’t show you the pictures of it in this post, as I’m sitting writing this on my computer at work and I have no access to my latest photo’s on this PC. I will get them sorted on my laptop tonight and hopefully I might get them posted sometime this week, as I’m not very busy at work this next couple of weeks due to holidays (don’t tell the boss!!)

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Mad Mary said...

Oh dear Chris, that did sound like a huge task and 400 coils!! You wouldn't want to do another for the rest of your life if you done that!!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures you are going to post later and i won't say a word to your boss shhhhhhh lol lol lol.

Mary x