Friday, 3 August 2012

Coils For The Shed…………

I’ve started the coils for my scalescenes T009 Modern Industrial Building, and I think I have got a production line going.

The process started by taking a photograph of the coils we have at the docks.


Next, my darling Wife Jak took the image and worked her jiggery pokery to come up with a sheet of one hundred and forty coil pictures. I then printed this onto an A4 label sheet.


With a couple of Jaks hole punches it’s a cinch to pop out the coil images.


Next came the tricky bit. I started by buying a length of wooden dowel from my local hardware shop. I am fortunate that I have a small workshop at the back of my house (my sanctuary)where I have a built in bench saw and a pillar drill at my disposal. This made it easy for me cut the coil blanks to length and then drill a hole in the centre. A quick sand on the sander, and I have some coil blanks.

IMG_0334         IMG_0329

Then a quick touch of colour with my marker pens…….


……stick on the ends pictures……


…….glue them all together and da daaahhh……

IMG_0335         IMG_0336

……a row of coils.

I think I’m quite happy with the result. Do you agree?


No, these are not my coils, this is one of the coil sheds at the docks.

If I can replicate this coil shed with a few more rows of coils, I will be a “happy chappy”

Until Next Time……..



Mad Mary said...

Absolutely fantastic Chris and good job you have Jak to help you shrink the images and the punches to cut them. Would have been a nightmare to cut them all out. Your little workshop has come in handy too. Wonderful what you can do when you put your mind to something isn't it..These are brilliant. Well done

Mary xx

Daisychain said...

They certainly look as good as the real thing, well done! Hugs Christine x