Friday, 28 September 2012

Small Signal Box………..

Well, as promised I’ve  taken some pictures of the R010 Signal Box from scalescenes. It’s a simple little build and it’s giving me my daily fix. It should keep me going till the Shop Backs come out.

The wall finish which I opted for this time was Random Ashlar. The structure is basically a box, made up of four sides.


Once cut out and glued together with the internal supports. It lends it’s self to be quite a sturdy structure.


With addition of a small wall on the side and the base for the stairs.


To hide the raw edges, there are corner cover pieces. Simple but effective.

IMG_0806             IMG_0807

True to form there has to be a fiddly bit for me to attempt with my huge sausage fingers.

IMG_0810            IMG_0816


Now that the stairs are complete and in place, the next section to tackle is the is the main windows and the roof. I have to get a wiggle on, as the new kit from scalescenes is due to come out on Tuesday 2nd October. Fingers crossed.

Until Next Time……………


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Mad Mary said...

Another great set of pictures to show what you've been up to Chris, those stairs look so fiddly, you've done a great job.

Looking forward to your next instalment.

Mary x