Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Air Brushing…………….

After building my last project, my wife Jak past comment, that everything looked great but a little clean and clinical. She suggested that it may look better if I “made it distressed” and I had to agree, but where to start? I have at my disposal, a vast array of Promarkers but I’m not too confident at colouring in. So, she suggested I had a go at air brushing. She has an air brushing system but it takes some setting up. So she contacted one of her crafting friends at Perfect Paper Crafting. She very kindly sent me “The Perfect Airbrush” a hand operated air brush to go with my Promarkers. To be honest, I’ve had a ball. It’s so easy to operate and control single handed. If I wasn’t careful, I could of totally air brushed all of my models. But I think that might of been a bit too much.

IMG_2222      IMG_2218

IMG_2206      IMG_2205

And here are some of the results I managed to achieve.



……..and after. I’m quite proud of my efforts.

IMG_2213      IMG_2216

So,from now on, with my new Air Brush and my collection of Promarkers


The sky is the limit.

Until Next Time…………..

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