Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Industrial Workshop and Water Tower……………….

Well I’ve cracked on at a fair old pace with this project. So much so, I’ve finished it. It is the T024a Industrial Warehouse from Scalescenes, but I’ve had sneaky access to the next releases, the Boiler House B, the Workshop C and the Water Tower D. All of the buildings are typical Scalescenes. Simple but sturdy, highly detailed box construction. The Workshop was so simple, it only took two nights after work to complete. Unfortunately I’ve no pictures of the build, as it was put together so quick, but its nothing I’ve shown in previous posts. But here it is in its finished state.

IMG_2176      IMG_2177

With just the Water tower to build, it was coming on a treat. It’s a simple sturdy box, with very clever detailed exterior walls, built up in layers.

IMG_2159      IMG_2160

IMG_2161      IMG_2158   

Simply glued together to make the box. The back wall, which is visible through the window, has detailed print. With the addition of a simple pipe running from top to bottom. this is simply made by rolling the paper on itself to form a tube and gluing.

IMG_2164      IMG_2166

Corners come next. These too add extra detail and depth to the tower.

IMG_2170      IMG_2173

As you can see, that when it all comes together how strong and sturdy it becomes.


The water tank is next. A simple box with added detail to give the look of a panelled tank.

IMG_2169      IMG_2175

With the addition of the roof, that’s it. I like this one.

IMG_2180      IMG_2181

When all brought together it makes quite a statement.

IMG_2182      IMG_2183

IMG_2184      IMG_2185

IMG_2186      IMG_2187

 IMG_2190      IMG_2189

I now intend to add some of my own detail to this complex. I’ve acquired a hand operated airbrush that works with my vast Promarker collection. It’s my intention to try and “dirty up” this build. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Until Next Time………….

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