Sunday, 6 December 2015

Goods Shed Part 2…………..

The second part of the R009 Goods Shed from Scalescenes is coming along quite nicely. The buttresses and the plinths come next. Simple base layers with cover layers wrapped around.

IMG_2727      IMG_2729

Once the buttresses and plinths are in position, it’s time to add the small detail of the window sills.

IMG_2732      IMG_2733

Time for some interior detail now. The interior platform and doors are put into place at this point.

IMG_2735      IMG_2734

IMG_2736      IMG_2738

Fix the gables, the back wall and the gutters at this point.

IMG_2741      IMG_2742

It’s the small detail added at this point, that gives great dimension later in the build.


Next comes the roof trusses. I like this detail, as it is so simple but intricate and looks fantastic when the model is finished. Quite a bit of intricate cutting out, especially with fingers like mine. But the end result is worth while.

IMG_2744      IMG_2745

IMG_2746      IMG_2748

Before I put the trusses into position, it’s good to run a marker around all of the raw edges. It adds to the fine detail and looks very authentic.

IMG_2751      IMG_2754

Well that’s my progress so far. It doesn’t seem much that I’ve done, but there was a great deal of intricate detail to cut out. The next post will show you the final result. All that is left to do is, the small office to fix to the side, and the roof to fix in place.

Don’t forget those Scalescenes Gift Certificates for those “hard to buy for presents” this Christmas.

Until Next Time……………

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Daisychain said...

Although I don't usually leave comments here, I thought you would like to know that I have been following your activities and projects for a long while now and have a look at all your postings. I love to see how you make these lovely intricate models and although I am more into making doll's houses, I find your tips invaluable. As you say, "it's all in the detail". I can't wait to see all your models displayed around your track one day. Keep up the good work, it's brilliant!