Sunday, 24 July 2016

Almost Done.............

Well the street of eight houses is almost done now. It is the T022a kit from Scalescenes. As you saw in my last post, I cut out all of the out building parts ready for them to be assembled. Once all of the parts were put together, they were put to one side while I cut out all of the front walls. I'm not too sure where this street of houses are going to call home. I don't think that is going to find it's way onto the layout, but I think that it may become a small diorama. If it does become a diorama, I think I'll make a street of the T008 Low Relief Houses, to make a "back to back" street scene.
I cut out a single piece of mount board to mount the street on. I layered the Scalescenes floor plans side by side, which also gives you the back yards as well. These back yards were a little clinically clean for my liking, so I used my air brush along with my markers to "dirty up" the back yard with a dirty green algae effect. Because I had incorporated the derelict gable end, I left a space for some waste land. Again using my airbrush, I made a base for some grass.
Here it is then.

I will do a quick post over the next couple of days, on how I made the chimney pots. They are really easy, cheap and effective.

Until Next Time............

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