Sunday, 27 November 2016

Finished Fishing Boat.............

Ive been at work all weekend, so I took the opportunity to finish the T030a Fishing Boat from Scalescenes. As you know I tried to build the whole project in one weekend, whilst my wife Jak was working last weekend. Well it didnt quite happen as I had planned, but Ive had plenty of time sitting at work between wagons this weekend, to finish the final details. I must admit, this is one of my favourite kits Ive had the pleasure of putting together. It was one of the simplest kits, yet very highly detailed.

Because the boat needs masts, obviously you cant make them out of card or paper, I used a couple of bamboo skewers and coloured them with my brown marker. And the rigging is simply cotton, pinched from my wifes sewing basket.

Even the deck winch is all paper and card.
I'm very pleased with this one.
Until Next Time..........

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Daisychain said...

Absolutely fabulous!