Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Industrial Box File part 4………

It seems that I’m managing my time a lot better at the moment, so I can crack on with the Scalescenes LY01 Industrial Box file. This is how it used to be when, I could build at leisure. So, I’m making good progress with the kit.
The next module is Structure D, the left-hand side of the box, which will eventually have two entrances into engine sheds and a bulk loading plant with hopper.
The main wall and doors are simple enough and just drop into place, covering the left-hand corner too.
Next, cut out all of the elements to make the pillar which supports the bulk loading plant.
I made the mistake of cutting out all of the pieces in one go. This is where I got into a pickle. Some of the pieces were not marked once I’d covered the base layers with the cover layers, so I had to back track and mark up the relevant pieces so I could put them together in the right order.

All put together it completes the support for the loading plant. I made the drainpipes out of some rubber from the back of an old non-slip ruler.

Next is the roof to cover the two doors. It is of a very shallow box construction, to give it depth.

The construction of the loading plant is next. It has a clever tab built into the main wall, which will eventually fit into the socket that is in the middle of the support wall. This will secure the loading plant in place without any glue.


The construction of the building is just like the previous Structure B. The only difference is that the tab section serves as the support for the floor and an addition of an extra section, that will form a socket for a tab which will be on the hopper.


Covered with a wall cover layer, a Scaleglaze window and the roof put into place. Then the detail pieces, (drain pipe/gutter).


The bulk hopper is next. It’s a cleverly designed skeleton with that tab on the bottom. A simple box cover is wrapped around to form the hopper.


The roof and compressor room to complete the hopper.

The tab on the hopper fits in the socket of the loading plant, and the tab on the loading plant fits in the socket on the support wall, (no glue).

 Structure C is next.

Until Next Time………..

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