Sunday, 3 February 2019

Finished Industrial Box File……….

That’s it, all done. I’ve completed the Scalescenes LY01 Industrial Box File. Before I show you the final set of pictures, there was a couple of additional small details to add.
There’s a pipe to run along the side of the conveyor. In the kit this is made by rolling a sheet into a simple tube, then cutting a 45 degree angle with the aid of kit built cutting jig. However, I had a piece of dowelling at hand, so it was easier for me to use this. This created a challenge to recreate the pipe’s rusting effect. Time to break out my stash of markers. I was quite pleased with the result.


The supplied back scene is added next. Simple two pieces.

And that’s it, complete.


Quick tip. Get yourself some Rare Earth Magnets. These strategically placed in and around the kit, will hold the elements and the lid in place.  

Next, I think it will be some small fishing boats, to add to my ever growing marine fleet. (Once Scalescenes get them released)

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Until Next Time……….


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Daisychain said...

Wow Chris!!! A job well done! Without seeing the pictures of you building this nobody would imagine it started off as a simple box file... Although not into trains I am into doll's houses and love to see you create your various models (and get some very helpful hints and tips). Nice to hear Jack is getting involved too, great photography Jack!