Monday, 5 December 2016

Day Two.....................

Day two of the T019 Row of Small Cottages from Scalescenes. I got a slow start to the day, as a guest that was due to be demonstrating, was running late and had to use the prep room to prepare for her show. I couldnt exactly ask her to leave, thats what the room is for, not for me. Anyway, once she had finished I got set to.

I had all of the walls and floors ready just to be glued together. Simply just butt the walls and floors together, matching the coloured walls to each other.
With the addition of a center wall to produce the drainpipe, continue until all the walls are up.
Once all of the wall are set square, its at this point the upper ceiling is fitted. This cleverly incorporates the guttering along the long edge.
Once the ceiling is in place, it not only makes the guttering, it also makes a soffit over the windows.
Time to tile the roof. The kit comes with either grey slate or an orange pan tile option. I opted for the grey slate.
The barge boards to finish off the gable end.
And thats where I managed to get to. Theres not much more to be done, to be honest, just the chimneys to put in place. If Id only got a start first thing, I would of managed to get it complete in the two days.
Until Next Time………….

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Row of Cottages........

I've returned to Peterborough again this weekend, to accompany my wife Jak while she works. It's given me some time on my hands again, so I rummaged through my Scalescenes kits for a quick and easy project to build while in the green room. I came up with the T019 Row of Cottages. It's a quick and simple build, perfect for a weekend project.

I managed to ensconce myself back in the prep room, adjacent to the green room. With copious amounts of coffee and biscuits, it's a perfect place to hide away and build.
It all starts by cutting out all of the windows. These will be stuck onto acetate once they are cut out.
Next the front and rear walls are cut out along with all of the door and window openings.
The cover layers come next. I've opted for the squared rubble option.
A small tip. Don't cut out the centre of the doors and windows just yet. You will find it a lot easier to squarely fit the cover layers over the base layers whilst they are still in one piece.
Once the cover layers are in place, cut out the centre of the doors and windows and wrap them around the openings.
Fit the window sills, windows and doors in the openings. And that's the exterior walls done.
Time to start on the interior walls next. These are cut out the same as the exterior walls and glued together. Once completed, I found it better to put the curtains in place at this stage.
The gable ends are next. The same as the main walls. Exterior and interior together.
The chimney breasts and fire places are next. Both downstairs and upstairs.
At this point, I was advised that Jak had been given an early finish. So all play was stopped. Hopefully tomorrow I can start to bring all of the walls together. I will try to get as far as I can, and let you see the progress.
Until Next Time..........

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Finished Fishing Boat.............

Ive been at work all weekend, so I took the opportunity to finish the T030a Fishing Boat from Scalescenes. As you know I tried to build the whole project in one weekend, whilst my wife Jak was working last weekend. Well it didnt quite happen as I had planned, but Ive had plenty of time sitting at work between wagons this weekend, to finish the final details. I must admit, this is one of my favourite kits Ive had the pleasure of putting together. It was one of the simplest kits, yet very highly detailed.

Because the boat needs masts, obviously you cant make them out of card or paper, I used a couple of bamboo skewers and coloured them with my brown marker. And the rigging is simply cotton, pinched from my wifes sewing basket.

Even the deck winch is all paper and card.
I'm very pleased with this one.
Until Next Time..........

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Fishing Boat Update..........

Well here is where I got to on the challenge I gave myself to build a Scalescenes fishing boat in two days. It was a tall order, as I was building it away from home, here in Peterborough.

The first pictures show the hull I completed at the end of play yesterday, getting its wrap to finish off the hull.
Next are the bulwark sections. These act as way of strengthening the top of the hull, by laminating both the hull and the bulwark rails together.
Next the bulwark stays. All glued into position and trimmed back flush to the rail.
A bit of fine detail next, to the side of the hull in the form of fenders.
And to top of the bulwark, is the top rail.
Starting to look like a boat now.
Now here is where things get serious. It's time to build the deckhouse and wheel house. This honestly took me for ever, cutting out so many small and intricate parts. What with my huge fingers, it's quite hard. But the end results always blow my brain.

And here is this point at where I had to call it a day.

Until Next Time...........

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Fishing Boat............

So I've had a unexpected trip away this weekend. Nowhere exotic, just a trip away with my wife Jak to Peterborough for her work. It's better for me to drive her at the moment as she is not 100%. Any way, every cloud has a silver lining as they say. I had the latest addition of Model Rail magazine with a free model kit to build from Scalescenes. It is of a fishing boat. What with building my diorama, I didn't know when I would get to build it. So, I thought I would take it with me, as I would be sitting some long hours in the green room at the TV studios.
There is conveniently a room for guests to do any last minute prep work. A perfect place to lay the keel of my fishing boat.
I'm going to try and build it in two days. I've taken pictures on my phone of the build, so here is the progress I've made today.
With the keel laid, sorry cut out, time to fix the cross bulkheads in place.

The hold walls are constructed at this point and finished off with capping.
The deck simply gets set on the top.
Infilling the bulkheads are next. These are done by lightly scoring the card so you can bend and manipulate them into the contours of the hull. 
Further hull sides are added to give a more defined form and shape.
Well that's where I got to when Jak came off air at 1pm. I'm back at the studios in the morning, so hopefully I might just get it finished. 
Until Tomorrow.................