Sunday 12 August 2012

A Cheeky Build……….

As my main job, I work as a stock controller at the local port. It happens that once a month I am required to work both Saturday and Sunday. Granted it is only for four hours or so each day but, the time does seem to drag a little, as it is not as busy as it is during the week. So, after yesterday morning sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting for wagons to turn up to be loaded, I decided that today I would take a knife, ruler, glue and some card to work and fill in my time building a model. I didn’t want to take the new build I have started, the T007 Office Block, as all of the elements are laid out on my table. So I thought I would have a bash at the free R002b Low Relief Warehouse. It’s not a difficult build as it is designed as a free download to encourage people try the products available from scalescenes. Sort of try before you buy. It only took me a couple of hours in total to finish this build in between wagons coming in, but it did help the time fly by. If I can build this in a couple of hours, I’m sure that if you downloaded this kit or even the R002 Small Goods Shed, with a little patience and some gluey fingers, you will not be disappointed with the results. So go on, give it a try, you may just enjoy it.

Here it is in all of it’s glory…

IMG_0356         IMG_0357

IMG_0360         IMG_0361

P.S. Don’t tell the boss what I’ve been up to.

Hopefully this time next week I will have so pictures of the T007 Office block to show you. After that I may go missing for a couple of weeks, but don’t worry it’s just that Jak and I going the the last night of the proms at Castle Howard next weekend and the weekend after Jak’s Boss Gary is getting married to a delightful American girl Bailey, at Maften Hall in Northumberland and we have been invited. We have booked a room for the night so we don’t have to worry about getting home afterwards. So no model making for a couple of weeks.

Until Next Time…………



Sunday 5 August 2012

Finished Coil Shed…………

Well it’s all finished now, and OMG!! (as the kids on the street are saying) I can honestly say, I have impressed myself. It’s hard to think that only eighteen months ago I hadn’t even picked up a craft knife. I have come a long way since I found scalescenes and downloaded my first model.

From this, the free Small Sidings Shed……….

siding shed

……………to this, a Large Coil Shed.

IMG_0346          IMG_0347


As you can see, I sort of managed to replicate the coil crab for the crane. It’s not perfect but, it’s close enough for me. The sign on the side of the shed “Port of Seaham” is one of the logo’s we have at the docks. It was made using Safmat from Letraset. It is perfect for the job as once printed and cut out, when you stick it to the wall the background becomes almost see through, perfect.

As I told you previously, I’m going to give this model to the Dock Company for display purposes. So I haven’t glued the roof into place, so that ot can be taken off to view the interior and all of the coils.

IMG_0350           IMG_0352

IMG_0353           IMG_0354

And because it is a modern building, just look at all of the Health and Safety Notices!


Just for your information and to save you trying to count them, there is seventy six coils in he shed. I’m only glad that I decided to only build one shed. Because if I had made it to scale, to fill the five sheds, there would have been about four hundred coils to make. The seventy six were bad enough.

The next project is going to be the new one from scalescenes, the T007 Office Block or Hotel.

Until Next Time………..


Friday 3 August 2012

Coils For The Shed…………

I’ve started the coils for my scalescenes T009 Modern Industrial Building, and I think I have got a production line going.

The process started by taking a photograph of the coils we have at the docks.


Next, my darling Wife Jak took the image and worked her jiggery pokery to come up with a sheet of one hundred and forty coil pictures. I then printed this onto an A4 label sheet.


With a couple of Jaks hole punches it’s a cinch to pop out the coil images.


Next came the tricky bit. I started by buying a length of wooden dowel from my local hardware shop. I am fortunate that I have a small workshop at the back of my house (my sanctuary)where I have a built in bench saw and a pillar drill at my disposal. This made it easy for me cut the coil blanks to length and then drill a hole in the centre. A quick sand on the sander, and I have some coil blanks.

IMG_0334         IMG_0329

Then a quick touch of colour with my marker pens…….


……stick on the ends pictures……


…….glue them all together and da daaahhh……

IMG_0335         IMG_0336

……a row of coils.

I think I’m quite happy with the result. Do you agree?


No, these are not my coils, this is one of the coil sheds at the docks.

If I can replicate this coil shed with a few more rows of coils, I will be a “happy chappy”

Until Next Time……..