Saturday 21 November 2015

Goods Shed………….

The next project I’m having a go at is, the R009 Goods Shed in brown brick from Scalescenes. It’s an old one released back in 2008. I don’t know how I’ve missed it until now. It’s a simple box build, but with all of the detail I’ve come to expect from Scalescenes. Before I show my progress, I have a new laptop and I’m using new editing software for my pictures, so apologies if the quality isn’t quite there yet. It’s quite a learning curve. Right back to the build. First the gable ends. They consist of  sturdy external and internal base layers cut from 2mm grey board and cover layers, which I print onto A4 self adhesive labels.
IMG_2706      IMG_2707
A little tip for when you have to score a fold. Cut out all of the piece apart from the fold marks. Put a small cut at the fold mark, flip it over and fold along the cut marks.
IMG_2708      IMG_2709
It’s at this stage I like to colour any hard to access raw edges. It’s a lot easier now than later.
IMG_2713      IMG_2716
Repeated for the internal gable.
The sides come next. They come together just the same as the gables.
The windows are put into place at this stage. I can’t print OHP on my laser printer, so I have to use an inkjet to print any windows. The detail on these windows are brilliant. These get sandwiched between the internal and external layers.
IMG_2721      IMG_2725
That’s where I’m up to now. Still plenty more to do. Call back soon to see where I get to.
Oh! before I go, don’t forget the new Scalescenes Gift Certificates. Perfect for that ideal Christmas present.
Until next time………….
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Saturday 7 November 2015

Canal Lock………………

I just wanted to show you the T018 Canal Lock from Scalescenes that goes along with the Narrow Boat I posted last week. The plan was to build the kit at home and plot its progress via my blog. Well I forgot to bring the kit back home from work, as I built the narrow boat last weekend whilst at work. So as I sat at my desk during the week, it was screaming out to me to be built. Well before I knew it, it was done. Unfortunately I had no camera with me, so no pictures of the build, but I managed to get some once it was finished. Before I finished it, I had a little play with trying to make some water with PVA glue. It was the simplest thing to do. A little leap of faith at first, as you have to cover your work with glue and just hope it’s going to dry.

2015-11-06 10.37.34      2015-11-06 10.37.44

I have to say, I was so pleased with the results.

CIMG1503      CIMG1501

As the glue was drying, I agitated the section that was leaving the lock. The result was fantastic.


Before I go, if you are stuck for a present for someone who is hard to buy for, the new Scalescenes website has gift certificates available. They are for any amount you want. For any modeller who is hard to buy for, these are ideal.

Until Next Time………….

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Sunday 1 November 2015

A Quick Narrow Boat………..

Well I got back off of holiday this week and back to work, and to rub salt into a very raw wound, I had to work all weekend too. Never mind though, I had lots of spare time both days. So took myself a Scalescenes kit to play with. I took the T018 Narrow Boats and Lock. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the build and the camera I used is not the best, but here is my attempt at a Narrow Boat.

CIMG1462      CIMG1464CIMG1465CIMG1466CIMG1467CIMG1469

Very easy to build and there is six to choose from. I’ve made just the one for now, as I was supposed to be working. I intend to build the Lock the next weekend I’m at work. But thankfully that’s a month away. I will take pictures of the lock when it’s done.

Until Next Time……….

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