Sunday 1 September 2013

North Light Engine Shed…………

Well here we go again. I’m back on track (no pun intended). I’m back at my craft desk and I’ve started the R021b North Light Engine Shed in dark red brick from scalescenes. It’s a very versatile kit that can be built in two or four road versions and can be as long as required, as it is of a modular design and can be added together quite easily.

It all starts simply with the side walls, cut out and glued back to back to form the inside and outside.

IMG_1566        IMG_1565

To hide the raw card edges, the cover layers wrap around the edges, and there is window sills to add for the bottom of the windows.

IMG_1572        IMG_1570

For the top of the windows there is no cover, but a selection of coloured markers come in very handy just to disguise the raw edge.


The windows, I print with my laser printer onto OHP (Over Head Projector) film. Be careful if you want to try this as some laser printers will not take OHP and can damage your printer. If this is the case, the windows can be printed using an inkjet printer equally as well. The windows are sandwiched between the inner and outer walls.

IMG_1577        IMG_1578

Next comes the dressings for the walls. These come in the form of the buttress’s, plinth and drainpipes. These add depth and texture to the walls. And like before, those felt pens hide all of the raw edges.

IMG_1579        IMG_1581

IMG_1582        IMG_1587


Oh! I forgot to mention, there is a distribution box and trunking for the interior wall.


That’s the walls done. the next job is to start on the roofs. Hopefully I can get a start on these in the next couple of days. Keep popping back to see the progress.

Until Next Time…………

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