Sunday 31 March 2019

Small Fishing Boats............

Right, here we go with the eagerly awaited T030d Small Fishing Boats from Scalescenes. It seems like I’ve waited an age for these to be released. I’ve been very eager for this kit, as it is of a new base construction unlike previous marine kits. The kit has thrown up a number of construction conundrums. But as expected, Scalescenes have managed to overcome every one. 
The kit is very comprehensive in its content. With 5 (yes 5) complete hull colour options to construct. The option of the wheel house at the front or rear of the boat, very cleverly incorporated into the same hull.
 The hull can also be built as if it were sitting in water or a complete hull underside. Complete with keel, bilge keels and even a propeller.
 So here we go. First as always, fix all of the sheets to the relevant thickness card stock. 
 Next cut out glue together the lower hull and deck. Note that these are in two halves. All will become apparent shortly. 
While the glue is drying in the clamps, cut out and glue together the lower hull pieces. 
Then glue the deck and lower hull sections together.

I’ve opted for this build, a full hull version, so I need to cut out a couple of keel sections. 
Join the respective hull and keel sections together. 

The next step I’m afraid I forgot to take a picture. But all it was was to glue the two halves together. Once the two halves are joined, this gives a very sturdy and stable hull. 
The bow sections are next. Again cut out in two halves. 
Glue the bow sections to the hull. 
Choose a deck option next. I’ve opted for a timber deck on this one. 
Put the stern section together next and glue to the deck. The bulwarks get fitted next. 
These overhang slightly, but this is fine, as they get cut off flush once the glue has dried. 
Once the glue has completely dried, take some sandpaper and rub the hull sides down to even out any uneven ridges. I like to glue a piece of sandpaper to a piece of MDF to make a study sanding block. 
Now that the hull is smoothed down, glue the bulwark stays into place. 
Once the glue has dried. Cut the excess bulwark stays off.

That’s where I’m at for now. Hopefully I’ll get some progress during the week and I’ll have an update at the weekend. 

Until Next Time.........…