Friday 3 April 2015

Coaling Stage………..

Since sitting back at my craft table a few weeks ago, it’s been none stop. I had forgotten just how relaxing it was to sit at the end of a busy day and put a model together. So much so, I’ve cracked on and finished another one in record time. I had a go at the R026 Coaling Stage from Scalescenes. This was a 2013 release that I’ve always wanted a crack at. So here we go.

I liked this build, as it involved cutting out nice big pieces for a change. Saying that, it takes nothing from its detail. Nice big panels laminated together with the addition of extra buttress pieces.

IMG_2240      IMG_2242

Once the cover layers are put in place and wrapped around all relevant raw edges, you know it’s starting to take shape.

IMG_2244      IMG_2245

More lamination of the 2mm cardstock to produce a quite substantial element, and when wrapped with its cover layer, it makes a very hefty buttress.

IMG_2247      IMG_2248

The front of the Coaling Stage has the most detail. And it’s at this stage I can’t help myself. The window openings raw edge is covered by a simple window sill cover.

IMG_2251      IMG_2253

The windows themselves are printed onto OHP (Over Head Projector) film and added to the back of the front exterior wall.

IMG_2254      IMG_2256

Now at this stage, I’m sorry but I have to become a bit OCD. Once you put the interior wall over the back of the exterior wall, all well and good. Not. I know that you can’t see the interior wall behind the window but, I know that there is a raw edge. So I have to colour the raw edge. I know it’ll never be seen, but it has to be done.


Bring all of the walls together nice and square and add the floor. Which cleverly adds the loading ramp at the same time.

IMG_2261      IMG_2263

Add the side walls and roof to the loading ramp. More detail gets added at a later stage. I didn’t want to put it on at this stage just in case it was knocked off.


The raw corners are covered by simple corner pieces wrapped with a brick cover layer.

IMG_2276      IMG_2278

The floor looked a little bare to me, so I thought I’d have a bash at making some coal. I had some blocks of polystyrene blocks lying around, so I set to and fashioned a couple of piles of coal. Gave them a quick coat of black paint, and hey presto, piles of coal. I know the coal nuggets are a little big, but I’m from an old mining village and trust me, I’ve seen coal that big, honest.

IMG_2282      IMG_2280

IMG_2284      IMG_2286

At this stage I wasn’t happy with the floor so, whilst at work I showed one of my colleagues a picture of the floor. At the time we were discharging a vessel at the docks with 3971 tonnes of Pet Coke. So we decided to “borrow” a teaspoon full. I painted pva glue on the floor and sprinkled on the Pet Coke. Real coal! I’m happy with the result now. Shame it won’t be seen again.


As you can see from the previous picture, the period between no coal and coal, I fit the roof support and joists.

IMG_2287      IMG_2290

Again, at this point, I got carried away and forgot to take pictures of the making of the cornice and the water tank. The cornice is constructed by layering three progressively larger squares of card with the edges wrapped with brick. Once stacked on top of each other, it gives a impressive cornice. The water tank is just a square box with supports for the roof. The panels are individually stuck on to give definition and depth.

IMG_2332      IMG_2331

The roof of the tank is made with one piece of card. Heavily scored to achieve a gentle curve. Then covered with the roof print.

IMG_2328      IMG_2329

You’ll notice there’s a notch cut out of the corner. this wasn’t a slip of the knife, it’s for the inspection hatch.


A couple of dust screens came next. A bit fiddly for me with my huge fingers, but a fine bit of detail. Well worth the effort.

IMG_2338      IMG_2342

Construction of the stairwell next. Sore fingers at the end of this stage. But an easy way to make sturdy stairs.


And that was it. A quick week of a very enjoyable build.

IMG_2345      IMG_2348

IMG_2359      IMG_2350

IMG_2351      IMG_2357

I’ve got a ladder to source from somewhere for access to the inspection hatch. Thank goodness for the internet. I’m pleased with this one. A nice big chunky build but with fine detail. And with the hidden coal store inside. I like this one.

Next, I think I’m going to try and revisit the model that I never finished. It’s a model that I had to put in the bin as it evoked painful memories of my late Brother. I was building it when he passed away, and from that day I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. Now that I’m enjoying building again, I think it’s time it got made and showed you it in all its glory.

Until Next Time…………

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