Saturday 29 December 2012

Low Relief High Street Backs Part Three………….

I know it’s been a while, but I think I’m back on track (Pardon the pun) It’s been a busy old time at work and what with the run up to Christmas, I haven't had much time to craft. And when I did get the time, I sliced off the end of my thumb with a food processor blade! OUCH. But hopefully normal service has been resumed now my thumb has healed.

Where were we up to? Oh yes, drainpipes. Believe it or not there is a lot of work goes into the humble drainpipe. Each drainpipe is an individual element and not just printed on the wall.

IMG_0900        IMG_0901

Once couple together with a gable end, you have a very effective drainpipe.

IMG_0910        IMG_0912

And when put together with the carcass.


Apology time. I accidentally wiped the memory card of my camera with he pictures of the first façade I made, so there is a bit of a jump to where I am up to now.

The first of the units has a low rise extension attached to the façade. True to scalescenes it’s not just a box stuck on the back. There is as much detail in the extension as there is in any of the scalescenes build.

IMG_0916        IMG_0917

Once all the walls are put into place, then the fun starts with the fine detail.

IMG_0929        IMG_0930

I really enjoy all of the fine detail. It gives the building real character.


Next comes a little time consuming bit. Can you tell what it is?

IMG_0926        IMG_0927

Did you guess? That’s right, it’s a set of steps for that floating door on the extension.

IMG_0932         IMG_0939


The next post I will show the finished first façade in all it’s glory.

Until Next Time……………

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