Monday 28 January 2019

Industrial Box File part 5………

This kit is coming along quite nicely now. It’s now time for the back unit, structure C. This will join both structure B and D together. There’s not much to show on this structure, but I’ll show you the process anyway.
Firstly, you need to check the gap between the two existing structures, so that you get a perfect fit between the two. Once you’ve marked the back piece, simply transfer the measurement to the front section. It’s not difficult at all, and is just a simple box construction, with a little interior detail visible from an open door.


Once the back and the sides are assembled, make the control and switch board and glue it into place.

The cladding overlay for the front is next. Once this is in place, fit the open door to the front.

When you glue the structure together, once again make sure that everything is square and perpendicular.


Unlike me, make sure that you trim the cladding to the same width as the base layer before you glue it all together. I even fitted the guttering the same length. DOH!!! At least I’ll measure the roof at the right width.

Make the vent for roof next and fit that into place. Trim the base to length and add the whole structure to the base.

And there it is in place.

While I’m here, can I show you my new ruler. On the recommendation of Mr Wiffen at Scalescenes, I purchased a square edged ruler. I’ve always used a bevelled edged ruler, but they tend to easily wear very quickly with repeated cutting against it. With the square edge this is eliminated, and it also helps to keep the blade perpendicular.
Not much left now, I'm on the push. Just the platform and the plantroom with conveyer to do.

It was at this point I had to evacuate my work room. It's located in our loft, and with the high winds we were having, it sounded like we were about to lose the roof. Thankfully, the said roof is still in place

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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Industrial Box File part 4………

It seems that I’m managing my time a lot better at the moment, so I can crack on with the Scalescenes LY01 Industrial Box file. This is how it used to be when, I could build at leisure. So, I’m making good progress with the kit.
The next module is Structure D, the left-hand side of the box, which will eventually have two entrances into engine sheds and a bulk loading plant with hopper.
The main wall and doors are simple enough and just drop into place, covering the left-hand corner too.
Next, cut out all of the elements to make the pillar which supports the bulk loading plant.
I made the mistake of cutting out all of the pieces in one go. This is where I got into a pickle. Some of the pieces were not marked once I’d covered the base layers with the cover layers, so I had to back track and mark up the relevant pieces so I could put them together in the right order.

All put together it completes the support for the loading plant. I made the drainpipes out of some rubber from the back of an old non-slip ruler.

Next is the roof to cover the two doors. It is of a very shallow box construction, to give it depth.

The construction of the loading plant is next. It has a clever tab built into the main wall, which will eventually fit into the socket that is in the middle of the support wall. This will secure the loading plant in place without any glue.


The construction of the building is just like the previous Structure B. The only difference is that the tab section serves as the support for the floor and an addition of an extra section, that will form a socket for a tab which will be on the hopper.


Covered with a wall cover layer, a Scaleglaze window and the roof put into place. Then the detail pieces, (drain pipe/gutter).


The bulk hopper is next. It’s a cleverly designed skeleton with that tab on the bottom. A simple box cover is wrapped around to form the hopper.


The roof and compressor room to complete the hopper.

The tab on the hopper fits in the socket of the loading plant, and the tab on the loading plant fits in the socket on the support wall, (no glue).

 Structure C is next.

Until Next Time………..

Thursday 17 January 2019

Industrial Box File part 3………

It’s taken a while, but I think I’m getting my mojo back with this build. It’s coming along at quite a pace now.
Time to start on Structure B. This is the building that sits at the back of the box on the righthand side.
Before I show my progress, can I recommend that you purchase a Rubber Brayer. This tool is invaluable when applying cover sheets to the base layers.


Once the cover layer is in place, a good firm roll with the Brayer and all the air bubbles are eliminated with ease.


Once again, the Scaleglaze windows come into their own.

This building is a simple sturdy box construction. The side wall also incorporates the drainpipes. Don’t forget to colour any exposed edges.
  As you can see in the picture, this is the only drawback I have with a laser printer. When I wrap a tight edge, the print occasionally cracks. This is easily overcome with a quick touch up with a felt pen.
The righthand side wall has to be cut to size, to accommodate the wall of the box file. This however is explained well in the instructions.
Glue the sides, the back and the front wall together, and there you have your basic structure.

Add the roof and the gutter and that’s the main structure done. Just the add on detail bits to sort.
Now you can’t tell me, that you can get a quality finish with any other paper kit (you know which ones) than this Scalescenes kit. Even the end course of bricks are lined up!
Now, here is where I got a little too clever for my own boots. I thought I’d sorted out a problem that didn’t exist. I wanted to build the roof vent perpendicular from the roof, so I fashioned a temporary sacrificial stay to be removed once the vent was in place,to the back of the building to achieve the said result. Well it did work but, if I read the instructions correctly, it told me clearly how to do it.

Once the vents and side duct is in place, that’s it for Structure B.

I had to try it in place (just to check if it fit of course)

Structure D is next on the list.

Until Next Time………