Sunday 25 June 2023

T040a Lifeboat………….

Well it’s finally been released. The long awaited T040a Lifeboat from Scalescenes. I’ve waited forever for this release, and by the look of the kit, I can see why it’s taken so long! There are hardly any straight cuts, and the detail on the deck is phenomenal. I doff my cap to John with this kit, he has exceeded all of my expectations. The only problem is, the only place I have to do my modelling is in our loft. The heat up there at the moment is tropical!! I can’t get up after work because the heat from the day has heated the loft to biblical temperatures, so I’m restricted to a couple of hours on weekend mornings when I can get any work on the kit done. Anyway here we go. This may take a while. Just for clarification, I’m building the full hull version this time.

First job is to make the Cradle to stand the kit on during the building process. It’s easy enough, just B on top of A.



Next, cut out all of the windows for the Wheelhouse, before mounting onto clear acetate. Remember to not cut out the doors openings just yet. They get cut out once it’s been mounted onto the acetate. Be careful to align the cover layer up, so that the two circles line up in middle of the windows. 





 Next it’s time to start cutting out the Hull sections. Nothing too hard here. Just B on top of A, C on top of B and so on, until you get to F. Applying plenty of weight after each section is glued in place. Be careful to line up the red reference lines.





 When cutting out the Hull sections, with it being freehand cuts in 2mm card, you might have to refine your Hull sections with the Missus’ emery board. 





 Once you’ve glued up the Hull section up to F, flip the Hull over so that F is on the bottom and glue the Lower Hull A top into position, onto both port and starboard hulls.



 Cut out and glue into position Bow A. Lay the hull section on a level surface to ensure that the section is perpendicular. 



Next, cut out and glue Bow B over Bow A, and bow C over Bow B, then Bow D over Bow C. As before make sure the Hull is sitting on a level surface, and use a small square to make sure everything lines up.



Next, move the the stern and repeat the process by cutting out Stern A,B,C and D sections. But before you glue them together, don’t make the same mistake as me. Make sure you cut out and glue the stern B edges in place over Stern B. I skipped this step and had to retro cut and fit mine into place. Once the edges are in place, glue B over A and so on. Again checking with a square that everything is true.







Next, cut out the Deck Support sections. Lay the Deck Support A on a level surface and glue Deck Support B into place. 



Introduce a slight curve to Deck Support C and glue over Deck Support A, only glueing at the ends and where C meets B. Set aside to dry.



Once the Deck Supports are dry, glue into place on the Hull. (Taking note of Port and Starboard). The curved profile goes to the outside.



Next, cut out the two halves of the Keel and glue them together, print sides out. Apply weight and set aside to dry.



Once the glue has dried on the Keel, glue each side of the hull into place. Using the red centre lines as reference. Set aside to let the glue dry.



Next, cut out the two Bow Infills. With the print side down, and with a fresh sharp blade, make a wedge cut to the wider end. Introduce a slight curve to the Bow Infills. This helps them fit up against the Bow, and glue them into place onto the Hull.





 That’s as far as I’ve got for now. This has taken me two weekends now due to the heat. Hopefully I’ll get back up there next weekend to get some more done.


Until Next Time………….

Sunday 4 June 2023

The Long Awaited Lifeboat.........

Well it’s finally arrived!! The long awaited, much anticipated T040a Lifeboat from Scalescenes. The kit can be found here T040a Lifeboat. It’s been a long time in design and prototype building, but well worth the wait. So I’ve downloaded and printed off my copy, changed all of the blades in my knives and I’m raring to go. But by the looks of all of the curved cutting of 2mm card, it's not a kit for the fainthearted or a beginner!



 Keep checking back to follow my progress.

 Until next time........