Saturday 8 October 2022

R013A Retaining Wall...........

Now I know I’m a little behind the game with this kit, as it was released at the back end of 2020. But I think it’s about time I have a go at the new revised Scalescenes R013a Retaining Wall. I’ve been taking a close look at the kit, and I reckon that the ramp sections will make an interesting addition to much anticipated Shops on a slope kit, hopefully to be released soon.

So let’s get started.

It starts by deciding which way I want the slope, and I’ve gone with the right hand side. So all of the pieces I need for the ramp will be marked with a “R”

First to be cut out are all of the Support walls B, then glued into blocks of three.



While the glue dries on these, cut out the Support Walls.

Then sitting the support walls A, on a level surface, glue the support walls B to the support wall A. Ensuring that they are aligned along the bottom, as this will ensure that the wall will be perpendicular. (But it’s always best to check).





Next cut out the Arch Infills and introduce a slight curve, and glue in between the Support walls B.



The next stage is to cut out all of the Buttresses and glue the back to back. Take notice of the ones marked A to H, as these are for the ramp section. Again, while these are drying, cut out the Front walls. Mark on the back of the Front wall the corresponding A - H to ensure the right buttresses get glued to the correct position.



Next cut out the Buttress cover layers and wrap them tightly around the corresponding buttresses.


Next cut out and score on the red lines, the Arch Soffit base layers. Introduce a slight curve. Check the fit between the buttresses. Before gluing in place, use a matching coloured pen to colour the raw edges.


Cut out the Soffit cover layers and use your marker pen to cover the raw edges. Test fit and glue into position.


Once all of the Soffits are in place, test fit and glue the completed section over the Support wall A.

Sorry, but I don’t have a picture of the two of these coming together, as I forgot to take the picture.

Next, cut out and glue together the Support Wall Lower Ramp B pieces R5 to R12. While drying, cut out the Lower ramp sections 1 & 2.


Next, glue the pieces R5 to R12 to the Lower ramp sections, and join the two together.

Next, cut and glue into place the Lower Ramp Support C pieces, ensuring that the angled edges are facing out.

Next, cut out and wrap the Lower Ramp Buttress base layers with the corresponding cover layers. Once these are done, cut out the Lower Ramp Front Wall. Glue the corresponding buttresses to the Front walls.


Once the glue is dry, glue the Front wall over the base.


Next, cut out the required amount of pavements and wrap and glue the edges with the kerb and coping edges. Once dried, glue into position.



Next, cut out the required amount of Parapet walls and glue back to back.

Glue the completed Parapet walls into position.

Next, cut out the Parapet Joiners and wrap with the corresponding cover layers. 

Then cover the joints on the Parapet walls.
Repeat the previous process to the Parapet Buttress Capping.
Glue into a block of four, the End Buttress base layers and set aside. While the glue dries, cut out the End Buttress cover layer.


 Once the glue is dry, wrap the cover layer around the base. Then glue into place at the end of the parapet wall.

Cut out the End Buttress cap and wrap the cover layer. Glue into place.


Cut out the Parapet Wall Coping. Colour the raw edges and glue on top of the Parapet wall.


And that’s it. All ready for the shops on a slope, once they are released.

Until Next Time………….