Thursday 24 January 2013

Finished Multi Storey Car Park…………..

Well I have finished the scalescenes T035 Multi Storey Car Park in record time, thanks to the inclement weather we have been having here in the north. I left myself with not much to do after the weekends mammoth modelling session. All that was left to do were the barriers, ticket machines, paths and the base board. Not much to show of the making of these elements so here is the pictures of the finished project.  (The car was borrowed from my Grandson Jack for spacing purposes).

IMG_1032          IMG_1035

IMG_1036          IMG_1037


The next project I have on the table ready to go is the new release from scalescenes. The R003b GWR Station and Goods Shed. Scalescenes have produced this kit in association with the Staverton Preservation Group of the South Devon Railway. Scalescenes have kindly agreed to donate £1 to the preservation group for every one of these kits sold. A very good cause I think you might agree. I hope to get a start on this kit within the next couple of days, so hopefully there will some pictures early next week.

Until Next Time………..

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Monday 21 January 2013

Multi Storey Car Park…………

Well it was time to batten down the hatches here in the north east at the weekend, and brace ourselves for some bad weather, and with more to come I thought that now was a right time to start a new project. I chose the T035 Multi Storey Car Park from scalescenes. I’ve wanted to build this model for a while now, as I have a work colleague who is an avid scratch builder and he is wanting to build a replica of a car park that was a bit of a celebrity here in the north east. It was the multi story car park at Gateshead and was featured in the movie Get Carter. We’ve both have looked at the kit and it lends it’s self in a few ways to the afore mentioned car park. There would be a lot of bashing to be done, but I’m sure Andrew could use this kits various elements to achieve a convincing replica. Anyway, back to my efforts.

Well it started very well. Nice large elements, straight cuts and loads of detail. The back is all one piece with a simple box added for the lift shaft. Simple.

IMG_0996         IMG_0997

Next were the floors and ceilings. Again nice big square cuts. Happy days. What could possibly go wrong?

IMG_0998        IMG_1000


I’ll tell you what could go wrong. Just look at all of these roof supports that need cutting out. DOH!!!!


They are on 2mm card and  with two sheets worth to do. I cut out five and I’ve got a sore finger already. There’s only 35 to go.


Still, like I said earlier, there was nothing better to do. What with the weather. Two of these get stuck back to back to form on roof support. Once the glue dried it was a simple matter of fixing them to the roof sections.

IMG_1014          IMG_1015

Next was to put together the ticket machines. So simple, but very effective.


Once all of the glue has dried on the roof supports and the ticket machines, it it just a case of starting at the bottom and working up with each floor.

IMG_1016          IMG_1022

Next to build a lift housing. Again very simple box construction. But once the cover layer is wrapped around, it’s as good as a building bought from anywhere.

IMG_1023           IMG_1026

When it’s put in place along with the top wall, roof and facia, it finishes off the top floor a treat.

IMG_1027          IMG_1031

Back to normal now with some large rectangles to cut out. (OH, my aching fingers) Four large pieces (2 x 2 stuck together) for the sides. With a simple cover strip for the edge of the wall to cover the raw cardboard. It finishes off the edge very effectively. Plus some simple infill walls, and the sides are nearly complete.

IMG_1030          IMG_1029

And that’s where the weekend ended. I never thought that I would have achieved so much over one weekend. But not having to go to Town on Saturday and not getting out on my bike both days, I had a lot of time on my hands. Not much happening tonight also, so I might just go for the record and try and get this finished in double quick time. Watch this space.

Until Next Time……………

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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Completed Low Relief High Street Backs……………

I have finally finished the T005a Low Relief High Street Backs from scalescenes. I know that in the last post, I was nowhere near finished but, I have had a final push and set to so that I can get it finished. I seemed to have been on for an age with this one, what with Christmas and work, but I need it finished for the new release from scalescenes. It is a country station and goods shed. Just what I need.

Anyway back to the High Street Backs. In the last post I had three façades to do to complete the project. I have pulled out all of the stops and finished them. The first of these was another small front with a small extension built on the back.

IMG_0959           IMG_0961

The  wall on this façade has a very nice feature on it. A washed away painted sign.


Once the front wall is put into place on the extension all that is needed is the roof to be put in place.


All of the roofs on this build are of the same construction, simple but effective.


The next façade is one of the bigger fronts. It’s a simple flat front with a three storey, mill style doors and a hoist canopy at the top. To make this one, it was just a flat front with a clever wrap round cover to hide all of the raw edges.

IMG_0970        IMG_0972

Along with the addition of a simple set of double doors……


……you have a very smart looking façade.

IMG_0979         IMG_0982

And together with the previous façades.


The last façade was another large one, with a small odd shaped extension. I’m sorry,but in my haste to get the project finished, I forgot to take any pictures of the front in it’s various stages of construction. But here it is together with all of the rest of the Low Relief High Street Backs.


Oh, before I show you the rest of the pictures, here is the very clever way that scalescenes kits finish off those little details and make these kits unique. It is a simple cover layer that simply wraps around the chimney stack to complete the look.

IMG_0985         IMG_0986


Again another faded cable end sign.


IMG_0991         IMG_0993

IMG_0988         IMG_0987


So, that’s the High Street Backs off the table, and I must say I really like this build. It has got so much character, and reminds me of a local street of shops close to my home. Not like these modern shopping centres with no style.

I don’t know whether to build the new Station and Goods Shed or to go for the T035 Multi Storey Car Park. Mmmmmm decisions  decisions.

Whichever I choose, I will let you know and show my progress.

Until Next Time…………..

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Sunday 13 January 2013

Low Relief High Street Backs, The Next Instalment……….


This is just a quick post as we have our Grandson Jack sleeping over tonight and he has got me running around in circles. But as promised in my last post here are the finished pictures of the first façade from T005a kit from scalescenes.

                           IMG_0954  IMG_0955


There is still a lot of finishing features, like the chimney stacks and coping stones, but these will be added at the very end when I have finished all of the façades and the I will do them all at the same time.

I’m well on my way with the next façade and i should have the pictures up here within the next couple of days. Sorry this was a short post but, Jack is calling.

Until Next Time……………..

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