Thursday 24 January 2013

Finished Multi Storey Car Park…………..

Well I have finished the scalescenes T035 Multi Storey Car Park in record time, thanks to the inclement weather we have been having here in the north. I left myself with not much to do after the weekends mammoth modelling session. All that was left to do were the barriers, ticket machines, paths and the base board. Not much to show of the making of these elements so here is the pictures of the finished project.  (The car was borrowed from my Grandson Jack for spacing purposes).

IMG_1032          IMG_1035

IMG_1036          IMG_1037


The next project I have on the table ready to go is the new release from scalescenes. The R003b GWR Station and Goods Shed. Scalescenes have produced this kit in association with the Staverton Preservation Group of the South Devon Railway. Scalescenes have kindly agreed to donate £1 to the preservation group for every one of these kits sold. A very good cause I think you might agree. I hope to get a start on this kit within the next couple of days, so hopefully there will some pictures early next week.

Until Next Time………..

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Pop's Cards said...

Wow this looks just like one down the road from me, it is amazing x

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic Chris and well done for getting it finished. Looking forward to the next instalment.

Mary x