Wednesday 16 January 2013

Completed Low Relief High Street Backs……………

I have finally finished the T005a Low Relief High Street Backs from scalescenes. I know that in the last post, I was nowhere near finished but, I have had a final push and set to so that I can get it finished. I seemed to have been on for an age with this one, what with Christmas and work, but I need it finished for the new release from scalescenes. It is a country station and goods shed. Just what I need.

Anyway back to the High Street Backs. In the last post I had three façades to do to complete the project. I have pulled out all of the stops and finished them. The first of these was another small front with a small extension built on the back.

IMG_0959           IMG_0961

The  wall on this façade has a very nice feature on it. A washed away painted sign.


Once the front wall is put into place on the extension all that is needed is the roof to be put in place.


All of the roofs on this build are of the same construction, simple but effective.


The next façade is one of the bigger fronts. It’s a simple flat front with a three storey, mill style doors and a hoist canopy at the top. To make this one, it was just a flat front with a clever wrap round cover to hide all of the raw edges.

IMG_0970        IMG_0972

Along with the addition of a simple set of double doors……


……you have a very smart looking façade.

IMG_0979         IMG_0982

And together with the previous façades.


The last façade was another large one, with a small odd shaped extension. I’m sorry,but in my haste to get the project finished, I forgot to take any pictures of the front in it’s various stages of construction. But here it is together with all of the rest of the Low Relief High Street Backs.


Oh, before I show you the rest of the pictures, here is the very clever way that scalescenes kits finish off those little details and make these kits unique. It is a simple cover layer that simply wraps around the chimney stack to complete the look.

IMG_0985         IMG_0986


Again another faded cable end sign.


IMG_0991         IMG_0993

IMG_0988         IMG_0987


So, that’s the High Street Backs off the table, and I must say I really like this build. It has got so much character, and reminds me of a local street of shops close to my home. Not like these modern shopping centres with no style.

I don’t know whether to build the new Station and Goods Shed or to go for the T035 Multi Storey Car Park. Mmmmmm decisions  decisions.

Whichever I choose, I will let you know and show my progress.

Until Next Time…………..

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Mad Mary said...

Absolutely fantastic Chris. Everything is so real looking. Great pictures too showing all the details.
I think you will build all the items you have mentioned lol.
Looking forward to the next installment.

Mary x