Sunday 30 July 2023

T040a Lifeboat Pt4…………

More progress has been done on the Scalescenes T040a Lifeboat. Unfortunately I’ve moved onto all of the fiddly elements on the deck, and with my sausage fingers, it’s been slow progress. Anyway here’s what I’ve achieved. 

Construction of the Cabin Hatch is next. Cut the Cabin Hatch Base Layer A out along with the two Cabin Hatch B pieces and glue pieces B onto A.



Once the glue has dried, turn the base over and glue the Cabin Hatch Cover Layer over the top, and glue the Cabin Hatch into place. Make sure the hinges face the thick edge of the wedge.



Next cut out the two Cabin Hatch Side base layers along with the Cabin Hatch side cover layers, then wrap the cover layers over the base layers. While the glue dries, cut out the Cabin Hatch Roof then fold and glue in half. Introduce a slight curve to the roof and glue bingo place.





Then glue the complete Hatch into place.



Cut out both the base layer and cover layer for the Aft Hatch. Then wrap the cover around the base. Then glue the Hatch into place.



Next, cut out and glue together into blocks of two, printed sides out, the Aft Bollard Sides. Then glue these into place. Then cut out and glue the two Aft Bollard tops into place.





Cut out the Side Light Surrounds and glue into place onto the Side Lights. Glue the completed lights onto their respective sides. 



Next, cut out the base and cover layers for the two Life Rings. Wrap the base with the covers and glue the complete Life Rings into place.



Cut out the two Extractor Vent base layers and cover layers, wrap and glue into place.



Cut out and glue the Engine Room Escape Hatch into place.



Next, cut out the base layers for Winch A and Winch B, the glue together using the blue guidelines. While the glue dries, cut out the Winch cover layer. Wrap and glue it around the base layer. Then glue the complete Winch into place.





Tightly wrap and glue the Capstan into a tight tube. Once the glue has dried, cut the Capstan to length and glue into place.



Next, like with the Capstan, tightly roll and glue the Bollard into a tube. Once dried, cut to length. Pierce a hole through the Bollard and glue into place a small piece of tubing or wire, to complete the Bollard. Now glue it into place.



Again as before, cut out, tightly roll and glue the Ventilator Shafts into tubes. While these are drying, cut out and fold the Ventilator Hoods. Gently curve the Ventilator Hoods into a semi-circle, and glue into place on the Ventilator Shafts. Once the glue has dried, cut the complete Ventilator shafts to length and glue into place on the Bow and Engine room.







And that’s it for now. Not much more to do now. I should get it done in the next session hopefully. 


Until Next Time………….

Sunday 23 July 2023

T040a Lifeboat Pt4.............

Back again. I’ve made a little more headway on the Scalescenes T040a Lifeboat kit. Like I thought, it’s going to be a slow build, due to the Saharan conditions in my loft. Even when the sun is not at its brightest, my main pitched roof is south facing and gets the sun all day. I think I may have to look to get solar panels!! Enough rambling, here’s what I’ve achieved in this stint.

The next part of the kit is the Engine Room of the boat. Cut out Wall D and place it face down, the glue Wall D Control Panel on top. Then glue into place.



Next, cut out the two Wall E sections and glue them together back-to-back. Cut out Wall B next and glue into place on the deck. Once Wall B is in place, glue Wall D into place. Lining up the blue guidelines. Then glue Wall E squarely into place. Again, using the blue guidelines.



Cut out Wall F next, and glue into place.



Next, cut out the Wheel Mount base layer and wrap its cover layer around. Then cut out the Wheel and glue it onto the Wheel Mount. Then glue it into place against Wall D.





Next, cut out the Engine Room Side Walls and introduce a slight curve. Then check fit and glue into position.



Cut out the Engine Room Roof, then glue into place.



Right, here’s where you need the stock up on your new knife blades. I had to cut out the Base Layers C1 and C2 twice, because my blade wasn’t sharp enough the first time to cut a neat curve in the 2mm greyboard. I found by using a new blade and making several light cuts, instead of trying to get it cut in a couple of passes worked better. 

Cut out the two Base C1’s and glue together. Glue Base C2 on top, making sure that the Rope tray and cut-out sections line up.




Next, cut out the Base C Cover Layer and wrap around the front of the Base Layer section. Then glue the Base C section into place. Cut out and glue into place Base C top on top of Base C.





Next, cut out the two Rope Tray base layers and glue back-to-back. Then glue into place. Cut out and wrap the Rope Tray cover layer around the base.





Next, cut out the Rope Tray cover and glue it into place.



Carefully cut out the Wheelhouse Internal walls next. With the print facing in, glue into place.



Next, cut out the Windscreen Support and introduce a slight curve. Then glue into place.



The Wheelhouse is next. With a fresh sharp blade, lightly score the dotted red lines to make it easier to fold. Before you cut out the doors, cut out the whole of the Wheelhouse walls and make your folds. I found it easier to cut the doors out once the folds have been made. Test fit the Wheelhouse Walls next and tweak any angles is necessary. Once you’re happy with the fit, glue into place.



Next, cut out one of the Wheelhouse Roof options and the Wheelhouse Roof Underside. Place the roof option print side down and glue the underside on top. Once the glue has dried, test fit, adjust and glue into place on top of the Wheelhouse.





Now you must decide which position you want the Wheelhouse doors. Once you’ve decided, cut out the relevant Wheelhouse Door Rails and glue into place.



Next, cut out and introduce a slight curve to the doors. Then glue them into place.



The last job I’ve got for this session, is to roll up the Wheelhouse Cover and glue it into place.



That's it, I’m now off to dunk myself in a cold shower to cool down!!

Until Next Time…………