Saturday 8 July 2023

Lifeboat Pt 2..............

Well, now that the temperature in the loft has dropped to at best bearable, I’ve managed to get a little bit more done on the T040a Lifeboat from Scalescenes. I've not done as much as I’d hoped, but I suppose that I’ll have to build this kit in small stages. At least all of the glue has dried!! Anyway here’s what I’ve done so far.

The next job is to do the Lower Hull. Cut out the Lower Hull sections G,H and I. Place Lower Hull G on a level surface and glue section H on top. Before you glue section I in place, make sure you can get your chosen propeller shaft in place. If it fits, glue Section I in place, apply weight and set aside to dry. 





Next, while the glue sets on the lower section, take a couple of cocktail sticks, cut them to length and paint them white. Set them aside to dry.



Next, cut out, test fit and glue the Propeller tunnels into place. Then pierce a hole for the Prop shaft.



Once the paint has dried on your cocktail sticks, trim to length and fit into the Propeller Tunnel.



Next, fold the Propeller Plate in two and glue together. Carefully cut out the Propeller plate and using the supplied jig. Once these are cut out, fit them onto the Propeller Shafts.



Now that the Lower Hull sections are now complete, carefully line-up the blue guidelines and glue into place.



Next, cut out and glue into place the Lower Hull Sides A into position.



Cut out and test fit the Lower Hull Sides B. If it all lines up, glue it into place, taking your time to align the inside edge of the hull side with the propeller tunnel. Continue to glue all the way to the Bow.





Cut out, test fit and glue the Aft Cockpit Grate into position.



Before we go any further, as you can see from the below pictures, my 2mm card is obviously thicker than 2mm. So to rectify this, I’ve shaved off about 1mm from the Bow and Stern sections, so that they are the same height as the Deck supports. This will mean that the Deck will sit correctly. 



Next, cut out the Deck, test fit it and making sure it’s central, glue it into place. Apply even pressure while the glue dries. 



Cut out the Upper Hull Sides next. Test fit them and if they fit, starting at the Bow, carefully glue into place along the Hull. Carefully form the sides into place. As you can see in the final picture, my 2mm card is definitely too thick. You can see the nicks in the white Lower Hull just under the blue of the Upper Hull. I’m sure I’ll be able to conceal these later in the build.





And that’s where we are at, at the moment. 


Until Next Time……….

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