Tuesday 27 December 2011

New Project For The New Year…….

Hello there!! Only me. No I haven’t fallen off the end of the world, I’ve been incredibly busy at work and decorating the house for Christmas. (Oh yes, Merry Christmas). Now that all the rush has passed and things are getting back to normal, I can sit at my craft table again. I think my Wife Jak is pleased as well, as she also uses the same table as me and we had to tidy all our craft things away off the dinning room table so we could have all the family round for Christmas Dinner.

I know that I haven’t finished the Warehouse, but I realised that I could cheat and place the Warehouse in a different place on Wynyard Lane. As you may or may not know my layout is in the loft. There is a main support for the roof and it is 10’’ x 3” It stands at the edge where the dock is going to be. I can conveniently place the Warehouse around the main beam and hide it really well. I will have to modify the roof on the Warehouse, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem. I will show you the final result once I have it finished it and have it in place.

The next project I have is again from Scalescenes. They have come up with a fantastic Farmhouse and Barn (T012) It comes in a choice of finishes. Aged Red Brick, Aged Brown Brick, Coursed Rubble,  Squared Rubble and Lime washed Stone. I have chosen the squared rubble finish. Go on over to the Scalescenes site and take a look for yourselves, it’s brilliant.

I will update you as I go and let you see how I get along.

Until Next Time…….