Monday 30 September 2019

Fire Station Snooker Table………

Back when the TO23 Fire Station from Scalescenes was released, I was in so much of a hurry to get it built, I omitted one key feature from the interior, a snooker table! So, after trawling the internet for a 1/76 scale snooker table (which I hasten to add I couldn’t find) I built my own.
The problem I had once I’d built the snooker table, was the Station was now complete with the roof permanently fixed in place. To add more insult to my dilemma, the model is illuminated, and when the lights are on, there is a huge space where there would have been a snooker table. The only solution I could find to solve the problem, other than cut off the roof and try and fit it back in place, which would never be the same again in my eyes, was to build a second Fire Station. So, it was decided a second Station it is. This wasn’t a problem really because I enjoyed building this kit, and I’m sure I could find another home for the original one.
Anyhow I digress, I happened to show the snooker table I’d made on the Facebook Scalescenesmodelers group, and I was asked by a member, on how I’d fashioned the table? So here you are.
Firstly, I found a piece of 2mm white cardstock. Marked out a rectangle 48mm x 24mm, which in my experience is the size of a full-size snooker table, 12 x 6ft.
Next, cut a smaller rectangle inside of the first, to create a 3mm border.
Cut a piece of the same card to 46mm x 22mm to form the bed of the table.
With green and brown marker pens, colour the playing surface green, and the underneath and the frame brown. Take a fine tip pen or pencil and mark the playing surface with the snooker table markings. 
Lay the bed of the table under the 3mm frame. This forms the main table.
Once the glue is dried, take a bullet tip marker and colour the pockets. Taking care to apply light pressure, as you don’t want to the surface to take too much ink and bleed out, like it has on this one!!
The legs are next. These are made from a stash of orange sticks, I obtained from a well-known online auction site. These are used by women for manicuring. If you are brave enough, you may want to raid your good lady’s make-up bag. (You’d be braver than me).
I cut six of these to 5mm lengths and coloured them with the same brown marker.  I nearly tried to carve in some detail, to make them look like turned table legs, but I thought that that was going a tad too far.
Glue these to the bottom of the table.
Fashion a couple of snooker cues from whatever you have at hand. I used a paper clip and coloured it brown.
And that’s it simple. I now have the problem of finding some suitable size snooker balls. I think I’ll have to make my own out of a paper modelling clay I have.
Until Next Time…………