Sunday 27 November 2022

T004 Shops on a Slope Facade A3.........

Right now it’s time to build the next facade in succession for the T004 Shops on a Slope kit from Scalescenes. It’s Facade A3. I like this one, as it has a Bay Window above the main shop window.

Let’s get started.


As with previous facades, we start with a base layer and cover layer. In this case, the Upper Facade. Glue the cover layer over the base. Then wrap and glue the window flaps and the bottom flaps in place.



Next cut out and glue into place the sills.

Top tip. At this point, use a marker pen to colour any exposed raw edges of card. Like under the top window lintels.



Time for the windows. Again I’m going with the Scaleglaze option. These are Scaleglaze 1-H x 1 for the bay window and Scaleglaze 1-F x 2 for the two other windows. Cut these out and glue centrally into the openings. 



Now for a fiddly bit for me, as I have huge fingers not suited for intricate work!! It’s the bay window.

First cut out and Bay Window Gutter Base and cover it with the Gutter Cover layer. 



Cut out both the Upper and Lower Window supports. Glue the corresponding two pieces on top of each other and set aside to dry. 



Next, very slightly score the Bay Window on the dotted lines and introduce a gentle angle. Making a note of the top and bottom patterns of the supports, glue into position on the window. Apply gentle pressure until the glue dries. 



Cut out the Bay Window Underside base and cover it with the Bay Window Underside cover layer. Cut out the Bay Window Underside Panel and glue it over the flaps of the Bay Window Underside piece. Then glue this to the bottom of the Bay Window. 



Next cut out the main Facade and glue the Bay Window into place. 



Now using a fresh sharp fine blade, carefully cut out the Bay Window cover layer. Introduce a slight fold along the dotted lines. Then glue into place over the Bay Window. 



Lining up the blue guide lines, glue the Bay Window Gutter into place. Cut out and glue into place the Bay Window Roof Supports. (Noting the up arrow). 

Cut out and lightly score the red lines on the Bay Window Roof. Then glue into position. Then finally, cut out and glue the ridge Capping into place. And that’s the Bay Window done.





Next cut out your choice of Shop Overlay. I’m using #3. Test fit and glue into position. 



Next cut out the Column cover and Base layers and glue the cover layers tightly around the base layer. Glue the completed Column into place. Then cut out and glue the Column Tops into place. 





The Shop sign is next. Cut out and glue into place the Fascia Support. Cut out your chosen Shop sign along with the Fascia Base and Cover Layer. Wrap the cover layer over the base and glue you sign into place. Once dry, glue into place over the shop window. Making sure there is a slight angle. 





Next, cut out both the Plinth base and cover layers and glue together. Cut the step and glue into place. Test fit and glue the completed plinth into place. 





It’s time to fill your shop with your desired interior detail. 



Cut out the Gable Back next and glue into place on the back of the Facade. This helps to locate the Facade on the structure when you glue it into place. Glue the Facade to the main structure. 





Cut and glue the Parapet Walls into blocks of two. Then place on the top of the building side wall. Cut out the Parapet Wall cover layers and glue into place over the Parapet Walls. 





Line up squarely and glue the Upper Facade into place. Then tightly wrap the loose flaps all the way around the side and back. 



Cut out and glue the Sidewall overlays into place. 



Next, cut out the Roof Supports 1 and 2 then glue Supports 1 into blocks of two. Test fit and glue the Supports into position behind the Gable. 





Cut out the roof a long with the strips of Roof Tiles next. Starting with #1 glue the strips up the roof section. Once the glue is dry, cut off the excess strips. Then test fit and glue the complete roof into place. 





Next, cut out the Corbel cover layer and wrap it around the Corbel base layer. Then glue the complete Corbel into place. 



Cut out the Bargeboard supports and glue into place. Then cut out the Bargeboards and glue these into place.



Next, cut out and glue into place the Ridge and Side Wall Coping.



Cut out and glue into place the Leader Heads. Also cut out and glue into place the Downpipes. Making sure that you introduce a slight kink in the Downpipes to follow the contour of the Facade.  



Cut out and glue the Chimney base layer into a block of three. Cut out the Chimney cover layer and wrap tightly around the chimney base. Cut out, wrap and glue the Chimney caps onto the top of the Chimney. 





And that’s another one done. 



The next one will be the Facade B2.


Until Next Time……….