Friday 18 November 2022

T004 Shops on a Slope Facade A2.........

Here we go again with the next Facade for the new kit from Scalescenes, the T004 Shops on a Slope. This this time I’m building Facade A2. Enough of the chat, lets get started. 


As always, cut out the Facade base layer and glue the Facade cover layer squarely over the top.

Top Tip, You might notice that I’ve not totally cut out the windows. I cut the headers and the sills out, but I leave the wall flaps intact. This helps, especially when it’s a larger piece, to keep control of the cover layer. It stops it bending and flexing and getting stuck to the base layer as you try to get it central. Once the cover layer is in place, I just cut the flaps then wrap the walls in place.





Cut the sills out next. Run a marker pen along any raw edges to help the sill blend in. Then glue into place.



Next, cut out the Keystones and glue into place over the windows.



The windows are next. Again I’m using Scaleglaze windows. These are Scaleglaze 1 Two each of Windows E ad G. Glue centrally into the openings.



Next is to cut out and glue into place your choice of Shop Overlay. I’m using A2 for continuity. 



Cut out the Upper Downpipe base layers and cover layers next. Wrap the cover layer around the base layer and set aside to let the glue dry totally.



Next cut out both the Inner Buttress base and cover layer and wrap together. 



 The Outer Buttress’ are next. Cut out and wrap as before with the Inner Buttress’. But don’t glue the wall edge just yet. This will wrap around the wall when in situ.



Glue the Outer Buttress into place next.



Check that the glue is totally dry on the Downpipes and cut away the blue hatched area. The fit and glue to the inside of the Outer Buttress. Matching up the brackets on the wall and the drainpipe. Then fit and glue the Inner Buttress into place.





Next is the shop sign. First cut out and fit the Facia support. Cut out and wrap your choice of shop sign over the Facia Base Layer. Then glue into place on the Facade. Making sure that the sign leans forward slightly.





 Cut and glue the Corbels to the top of the columns.



The plinth is next. Wrap and glue your choice of plinth cover layer over the base layer. Then glue into place on the Facade.



Cut out the Leader Heads. Run a marker pen around the edges. Then glue into place.



 Next is to fill your shop with any interior detail you are planning to put in there. Once filled, glue the finished facade squarely into place. Aligning the top and the side. 





 Now it’s time to get the scaffolding out and make a start on the roof. Start by cutting out the Cap1 and Cap2 base layers and cover them it’s their corresponding cover layers. Then glue Cap2 over Cap1. Glue into place.





Cut out the Roof Support2 and the three Roof Supports1 next. Glue two Roof supports1 back to back, and the third glues to the back the upper facade. Fit and glue all of the Roof Supports into place.



 The roof is next. Cut out the Roof base layer. Cut out all of the rows of tiles and keep them in numerical order. Starting at the bottom with #1 Glue the strips into place. Trim off all of the overhanging edges. Then fit the roof into place.





Cut out the Soffits and Bargeboards next and glue into place. Then finish off with the Ridge Capping.





Cut out and glue the Sidewall overlays into place.



 Next, cut out and glue the Chimney Base layers into two blocks of three. Set aside to dry while you cut out the Chimney cover layers. Once the glue is dry, wrap the cover layer around the chimney base. Cut out the Chimney Cap base layers and wrap with the corresponding cover layer. Glue the cap onto the chimney and glue into place on the roof.





And that’s another one done.



The next one to do is Facade A3.

Until Next Time………….




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