Thursday 28 June 2012

Hope my skin's waterproof

Will I make it home walking from work before the rain!!!

Wednesday 20 June 2012

T008 Low Relief House Backs…………….

As promised I have put together the Low Relief House Backs from scalescenes. I have enjoyed building this kit, as it has had a few techniques that have been different to the previous house builds. I think, it may be just me, that they are getting easier as the kits roll out. I haven’t thought about where it is to be positioned at Wynyard Lane yet, but I think I may have to reconsider a few things and may be build a few more of these houses.

Anyhow here they are from the beginning……

IMG_0138       IMG_0141

Once the main sub-structure is put together, you can the start on the interior walls. These are not just decorative, but they also form the main support for the ceiling.

IMG_0143       IMG_0144

Next comes the exterior walls. But I had a bit of a problem.


I accidentally ripped one of the cover layers as I was peeling it off the backing paper. Sorry, for those of you that don’t know, I print out my images onto A4 adhesive labels, not paper. I find it a lot easier and quicker than gluing the sheets onto the board. As I was saying, I ripped the sheet, but rather than print out another sheet I coloured over the rip and said that the end house has got mining subsidence! As did a lot of these type of houses of this era.

This section actually has the downstairs  interior wall already in place.


Once glued into place, along with the side wall, they help to bring the structure together and give it its strength.

IMG_0151        IMG_0152

The main walls come next. There is a lot more to this wall than meets the eye.


Not only do they form the front fa├žade, they also build up to form a defined edge and a wrap for the chimney and, with the addition of a third layer, they also provide a prominent down pipe from the gutter.

IMG_0157       IMG_0154

IMG_0159       IMG_0161

At this point all three elements came together into one to form the six houses in the row.


Next is the addition of the ceilings, which also provides the outside guttering. Very clever!!


The roofs are basically the same as they are on the many off the scalescenes houses, very easy but effective. As long as you keep the strips in order, the will give the effect of weathering.


I made the mistake of tiling all of the roofs separate and off the main building, BUT, if I read the very simple and concise instructions, I would have realised that I should have put the blank roofs onto the buildings and then put on the tiles, as they are cut in specific lengths so you can place them staggered and this would have given a seamless finished complete set of roofs. Not like mine with visible joints. DOHH!!

IMG_0176       IMG_0175

Just the outside walls to put on now. I was going to put on outside walls that I built in my previous post but, there is a slight difference in depth on the ones that I built for the T022 Houses. So I built the right ones for the kit.

IMG_0179       IMG_0180


Well that’s the m done and dusted, and I must say I’m very pleased with the final result. Like I said at the start, it has a few new techniques and it was pleasure to build. I think I may have to build a few more once I decide where I will finally place them at Wynyard Lane.

I don’t know what I will be building next until I go trawling on the scalescenes site. I suppose I could shake my backside and get up in the loft. the only problem with that is during the summer it gets incredibly warm in the loft. When I built the loft room I foolishly omitted loft windows and now in hindsight they would have been great for ventilation. I suppose I could always retro fit a air conditioning unit (don’t tell the wife).

Until Next Time…………


Monday 11 June 2012

Outbuildings and Walls………

Those very generous people at scalescenes  have come up with a free add on for the T008 Low Relief House Backs. The kit already come with walls in the download, but I found it odd that the back walls had no gates, so there was no means of access to or egress from the property. I mean, how were you going to put your bins out! So I contacted scalescenes with my concerns and they replied stating that these houses were designed to back onto a railway line, so it wouldn’t be wise to have access to the railway line.

Anyhow, they took on board my suggestions and along with other modellers comments and they came up with the free add on pack with back gates and even coal houses. Not only do these fit on the T008 Low Relief House Backs, they also fit on existing T022 Small Terraced Houses.

Well I had to build a set for my existing set of T022’s.

Please excuse the colour of my walls. These pictures do not give a true representation of the product. I am having a little problem with my printer and is not printing true colours. But they will have to do for now.

 IMG_0127       IMG_0128

IMG_0130     IMG_0131

What I like about this add on is that it even has coal house hatches.

 IMG_0133       IMG_0134

I know that these are not yet permanent, but I had to have a look at what they might look like.


Well I suppose that I’d better get a  start  building the T008 Low Relief House Backs.

Until Next Time……………


Monday 4 June 2012

Low Relief Shops Mk2…………

No, I haven’t fell off the edge of the earth, I’ve been busy.

I told you in one of my last posts that I wanted another row of Low Relief Shops for the fiddle yard. Well, I’ve built them. It wasn’t till I was half way through the build, when I realized that I hadn’t taken any photos of the build process. Well I thought that I would cheat and use the photo’s off the last time that I built the last set, but I thought you might just notice. So I just got my head down and set to to get them finished. So I apologize I only have the pictures of the completed shops.



I know that I witter on about the detail you get from Scalescenes but I think you will agree it is well justified.


Right that’s the shops out of the way. Normal service will be resumed right away. I’m going to build the T008 Low Relief House Backs with the free add on Back Walls pack. But I’m going to build it backwards. I’m going to build the back walls first. The reason being, is that those clever people at scalescenes have made the in such a way that they will fit the T022 Terraced Houses, and I can’t wait to see what they turn out like. I hope to get a start on these tomorrow, and hopefully I will remember to take the photo’s and show you the progress.

Until Next Time………….