Friday 3 June 2016

Bonus Corner Shop..................

Over the past couple of weeks during my dinner breaks and weekend work, I've tinkered away making a T022c Corner Shop from Scalescenes. This will go nicely with the row of eight terraced houses that I'm currently building.

Now you may notice that the shop is boarded up,
I have a confession to make. I made all of the fittings, counter, fruit stall and the like to fit the shop out with, but with a typical school boy error, I glued the shop to the base board without putting the fittings in place first.
It was a couple of hours after I'd done this when I noticed and the glue was set fast. The best option I could come up with was to board up the shop and make it for sale.

The dividing wall that is missing, will be added once it is married up with the row of houses.

                                      Until Next Time.....................