Saturday 21 November 2015

Goods Shed………….

The next project I’m having a go at is, the R009 Goods Shed in brown brick from Scalescenes. It’s an old one released back in 2008. I don’t know how I’ve missed it until now. It’s a simple box build, but with all of the detail I’ve come to expect from Scalescenes. Before I show my progress, I have a new laptop and I’m using new editing software for my pictures, so apologies if the quality isn’t quite there yet. It’s quite a learning curve. Right back to the build. First the gable ends. They consist of  sturdy external and internal base layers cut from 2mm grey board and cover layers, which I print onto A4 self adhesive labels.
IMG_2706      IMG_2707
A little tip for when you have to score a fold. Cut out all of the piece apart from the fold marks. Put a small cut at the fold mark, flip it over and fold along the cut marks.
IMG_2708      IMG_2709
It’s at this stage I like to colour any hard to access raw edges. It’s a lot easier now than later.
IMG_2713      IMG_2716
Repeated for the internal gable.
The sides come next. They come together just the same as the gables.
The windows are put into place at this stage. I can’t print OHP on my laser printer, so I have to use an inkjet to print any windows. The detail on these windows are brilliant. These get sandwiched between the internal and external layers.
IMG_2721      IMG_2725
That’s where I’m up to now. Still plenty more to do. Call back soon to see where I get to.
Oh! before I go, don’t forget the new Scalescenes Gift Certificates. Perfect for that ideal Christmas present.
Until next time………….
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