Sunday 1 November 2015

A Quick Narrow Boat………..

Well I got back off of holiday this week and back to work, and to rub salt into a very raw wound, I had to work all weekend too. Never mind though, I had lots of spare time both days. So took myself a Scalescenes kit to play with. I took the T018 Narrow Boats and Lock. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the build and the camera I used is not the best, but here is my attempt at a Narrow Boat.

CIMG1462      CIMG1464CIMG1465CIMG1466CIMG1467CIMG1469

Very easy to build and there is six to choose from. I’ve made just the one for now, as I was supposed to be working. I intend to build the Lock the next weekend I’m at work. But thankfully that’s a month away. I will take pictures of the lock when it’s done.

Until Next Time……….

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