Sunday 5 August 2012

Finished Coil Shed…………

Well it’s all finished now, and OMG!! (as the kids on the street are saying) I can honestly say, I have impressed myself. It’s hard to think that only eighteen months ago I hadn’t even picked up a craft knife. I have come a long way since I found scalescenes and downloaded my first model.

From this, the free Small Sidings Shed……….

siding shed

……………to this, a Large Coil Shed.

IMG_0346          IMG_0347


As you can see, I sort of managed to replicate the coil crab for the crane. It’s not perfect but, it’s close enough for me. The sign on the side of the shed “Port of Seaham” is one of the logo’s we have at the docks. It was made using Safmat from Letraset. It is perfect for the job as once printed and cut out, when you stick it to the wall the background becomes almost see through, perfect.

As I told you previously, I’m going to give this model to the Dock Company for display purposes. So I haven’t glued the roof into place, so that ot can be taken off to view the interior and all of the coils.

IMG_0350           IMG_0352

IMG_0353           IMG_0354

And because it is a modern building, just look at all of the Health and Safety Notices!


Just for your information and to save you trying to count them, there is seventy six coils in he shed. I’m only glad that I decided to only build one shed. Because if I had made it to scale, to fill the five sheds, there would have been about four hundred coils to make. The seventy six were bad enough.

The next project is going to be the new one from scalescenes, the T007 Office Block or Hotel.

Until Next Time………..



Mad Mary said...

it's absolutely fabulous Chris. I hope everyone at the Dock Company realise all the work you have put into it.
Well done.

Mary x

Daisychain said...

Fantastic! I am sure that everyone at the Dock Company will gasp in amazement when they see it. Love all the safety notices on it. Well done, can't wait to see the next project. Have a great day. Hugs Christine x

David Smith said...

Your modelling is a real inspiration for others and its nice to see you successfully trying your hand at scratch building (the coils)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris after seeing this in reality i had to see it on your site to leave a comment as it's