Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Corner Pub and Shops….

This was the next build that I attempted, which was the Corner Pub that is now connected to the Row of Shops. The pictures for these builds are further down the page.

At this point in time I was now getting confident in using the Scalescenes model kits, so now I could get artistic!

I work with a lad who is a very talented scratch builder (not somebody with an itchy problem, but someone who builds models from scratch with no plans or instructions). He started to put ideas in my head about lighting and effects. Well this just opened a whole new world of ideas for me!! I wanted sorry, needed something to be on fire. Being a fire fighter I think I am a bit of a secret pyromaniac at heart. I then set about trawling Ebay for ways that I could achieve the desired effect. This was found on a dolls house site selling a candle flicker effect circuit board, brilliant. At first it was going to be the Pub that was on fire but this proved to be a bit of a problem, because the workings for the flicker effect board which is about 1.5 inches square, was just a little to big to hide in the Pub.

So, once I had built the Row of Shops I had the perfect location for the fire. It had a fish shop which just had to be going like the clappers!! It also had loads of room in the rest of the shops roofs to hide the circuit board. I also took artistic licence and cut away the roof of the fish shop to make it look as if the fire had actually broken through. I think that you might agree I achieved the desired effect.

It goes without saying that the detail inside these shops and pub are fantastic. The detail even goes as far as washing machines in launderette, magazine racks in the newsagents, fryers and price lists in the fish shop and believe it or not, sides of beef in the butchers!!

I hope you are enjoying this journey with me, as I am enjoying sharing it with you.

Until next time…..




artydoll said...

great having a fire ,I wont tell my Oh as he'll want me to make one of his houses look as if its on fire,lol.
I did build most of his layout buildings for him as hes not very good with the glue.

Mad Mary said...

Yes i am enjoying the journey Chris. I also love the fact that the shops have the items on the inside, makes it more realistic. Yes i too loved the roof of the Chip shop! Fantastic idea.