Saturday, 9 July 2011

First Makes

Here it is then (after a lot of ribbing from Jak) my nearly finnished Country Fire Station for my model train set I have in the loft.

As you can see it is a very busy drill session, or it will be once I get all the figures glued into position.

The scale of the scene (if anyone is interested) is 1/76th, and stands a grand 6 1/2'' high.

The paving stone surround is formed from individual paving stones, not appreciated by jak when I had to use her eyebrow tweezers to lay them in place. Where the wall meets the paving I added grass as if it was growing in the damp of the wall. A couple of bushes were added to the entrance of the station and a red telephone box on the outside of the wall.

Front view of the station, you can just about see the airbrushing around the wall buttress's.

All of the perimiter walls were made seperate out of a sheet of acrylic, then wrapped in brickwork that I downloaded onto a A4 label sheet and stuck it to the acrylic.

The fireman is adjusting the wheeled escape (big ladder) from the AEC Regent Mark3 engine.

You can see the grass around the base of the wall I built.

Phase 2

Now to show you all my crafting space, it is now a HIS & HERS zone, this was took while I was in the process of making a Railway Siding Shed.

I found a nifty little site called ScaleScenes it has some free downloads so that you can make your own models.

Work in progress, I have all the tools, glue, cocktail stick, knife, steel ruler, cutting mat, I just know you will be green with envy at my craft tools.

Side view of the railway siding shed

Front view of the railway siding shed, the door is a working sliding door.

For a man with hands like shovels and fingers the size of pork sausages I don't think I did too badly, what do you think?


Dawn Frost said...

I LOVE the line drawn down the middle of the desk, well sorta of middle, lol! What happens when one of you crosses the line, lol?

Anonymous said...

Well done Chris, great job :)

Kathy Bradley said...

Outstanding job - it looks exactly like the real thing. I am so amazed - haven't seen the like before. You even have moving parts,i.e., the sliding door! I am so impressed. Awesome.

THERESA said...

Well for pork sausages, boy oh boy, this is good!!!!
Love the tools, hehehe, but must admit my eyes were fixed on the copic's,lol!!
You have done a stunning job, cannot wait to see more.........:))

Candy said...

Hi Chris,
Fantastic job! Looks like the 'real thing' :o)
My husband was Fire Chief over here in BC Canada :o)
I can't believe the moving parts!
Do the two of you not argue over sharing the table? LOL

Millie said...

Way cool Chris!!!! I had a train set when I was a young girl (tomboy I was), but not as elaborate as yours is...What a great job on the set so far. Can't wait to see the progression of it...

Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW this is really cool. My hubby has just been sitting here and drooling about your work as well, and he was also really impressed by this. Your work is amazing. We have some friends in the US, and he´s also a firecheaf overthere, so I hope, you don´t mind, I send him the link for this, as I know, he´s collecting everything about firework from the whole world, so I know, he´ll just love to see this too.
You´re a really great crafter, and I´ll look forward to see much more like this in the future. And like the other girl here, I would like to know, how you can agree about sharing the table? I know, it would be impossible here in our house ha ha ha ha.
Have a great day and lots of fun with the building

Mad Mary said...

Loved seeing these first time round Chris when Jak showed them. So glad you have now got a blog. It will be great to follow your brilliant work.


My'scardcorner said...

Brilliant work Im amazed Jak lets you share her crafting space lol Good for you.

Mina said...

wow what amazing detail, they are beautifully made dont tell me Jak now has two hairy caterpillars instead of those beautifully manicured eyebrows lol...hhhmmmm sharing a craft space now Im not sure about that and I know for a fact Jak wouldnt let you share her copics lol
Mina xxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Chris, I thought us crafters had patience but WOW what a great job. As I said before I love the burnt out chip shop it looks so real. Well done Chris. Not sure about the shared table though, mine is MINE!!! Ha ha...
Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

Karol L said...

Great job. I grew up with a father who made miniture houses and villages for our train sets that we played with in the attic, he would of loved to see your set up. Look forward to seeing more.

jordiegirl said...

Wow - that's fabulous - well done you should be proud of that.

Mary Jane said...

Awesome work! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.
Mary jane

Roni said...

Wow! How fantastic does that look!

Well done Chris it takes me back a few years when I sat watching my dad put the tiles on the roof of my dolls house, the tiles of course were small squares of sandpaper in rows overlapping the next row, it took him days but amazing result!

Looking forward to your next blog entry!

Big hugs Roni :O) xox

Zoe said...

I think it is so fabulous that Jak and yourself can share a creative space together and enjoy each other's company whilst you play. I just love the models you have shared with us and I look forward to seeing more!

Meta said...

Wow this is Great work Chris! You must have been working on this for some time now. My Brother in law has made a whole layout with many trains etc. many years ago. I love all the effort and love the fact that you want to share your talents with all of us. Keep up the great job! I'm sure this type of work can be quite finniky. Looking forward to seeing more of your hard work!

Unknown said...

Chris - your work and these models have just blown me away. Those shops with the chippy on fire too - all the attention to detail is amazing. No wonder Jak encouraged you to set up a blog to show off your projects - they're brill!

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

You are so talented would like to have some of that talent.



Ursula said...

You done brilliant, congratulations, it is super to see all this and how much enjoyment you get out of it. Ursula XX