Saturday, 16 July 2011

Well, here we go then…….

OK, I want to tell you how it all got started

Let’s start at the beginning. About 15years ago, Jak’s Father Jack got himself a train set. I was so jealous as I had wanted one for years, but with two girls it was never going to happen. It was just a table top layout, but it was his pride and joy. He built it up until he couldn’t go any further with it. I then decided that I had to get my own layout but i didn’t want a table top so I just had to convert the loft!!

To cut a very long story short I converted the loft and I had a massive blank canvas to work with. I made the big mistake as a lot of naive model enthusiast's do and I have filled the said blank canvas with far too much track and too many trains!! I can’t believe I have no room for scenery or any buildings.

So after a long talk with a work colleague and fellow model maker I have decided to pull up all the track and start again.

The problem started when I found the scalescenes website, and now I am hooked. I think that Wynyard Lane is going to be made up of more buildings and scenery than track and trains. I have built so many buildings including a Country Pub, a Row of Terraced Houses, a Row of Shops, a Church and a Large Station.I have even built a ship believe it or not. Luckily scalescenes do a dock side,so that will have to be incorporated into the layout somehow.

You have seen some of the pictures of my work, and I intend to publish all of the projects in the next few days.

Once I have caught up with that I intend to post regularly so that you can watch the progress with Wynyard Lane.

So here we go, lets enjoy the ride together.

Till the next time.


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Mad Mary said...

Thanks for telling the story as to how it all began Chris, I will keep popping in to see what you have added to show us.
You are so very talented, it's a joy to see these models.