Sunday, 21 August 2011

Coming Together…….

Yes it’s coming together nicely, the Low Relief High Street I’m trying to get built for the Bowburn Model Fair. I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of time to try to get this far. Unfortunately in trying to go as fast as I can, I’ve made a couple of school boy errors! I think I need take my time because it’s taking me more time to put right the mistakes. As I always say the detail in this scalescenes kit is incredible. Unfortunately this detail that I love normally is slowing me down. But it has to be done.

I have decided that the three smaller shops will be a Hardware Shop “Olivers”, a Grocery Shop “Walter Wilsons” and an Electrical Shop “Calverts”. These shops are local to the area where I live. Walter Wilsons is no more, but it will live on at Wynyard Lane.

As you can see, each shop will be fully fitted-out.


When the Shop Fronts get teamed with the façades, I know it is coming together.


I’ve set to today and made, believe it or not, televisions, washing machine and cooker for Calverts Electrical Shop. Each one of the squares on the cutting mat is only 1/4 of an inch, I must be mental.


Even though you will not see inside the shop unless you get up close and personal with it, I think it’s all in the detail.


Well this is where I’m up to.


Only two more shop fronts to make, then I can start to put the roofs on.

Until next time………



Craig said...

Another brilliant effort mate! Can't wait to see the finished model! I've been meaning to ask you to come to a model railway show in N.Shields next month with me will text you the details shortly!

David Smith said...

As mental as the rest of us modellers. I think you would enjoy a visit to Pendon. (

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic work so far Chris, it's coming along nicely. I am enjoying seeing your street coming to life so to speak.

Mary x

jordiegirl said...


I remember shopping at Walter Willson's in Blyth, Northumberland - the first supermarket that I remember.