Monday, 19 November 2012

Low Relief High Street Backs………….

Well I’ve finally started the T005a Low Relief High Street Backs from scalescenes. What with holidays, work and family commitments, I’ve not had much time for myself, let alone time to sit and build a model. But things are now back on track and I’ve got my head  down and my knife out.
The Low Relief High Street Backs are a stand alone unit or can go together with the T005 Low Relief High Street to make a complete building.
First task is to cut out all of the windows and stick them to some thick acetate. I find so easy to complete this task, as I print them onto self adhesive labels and this makes it easy to fix them to the sheet without getting glue all over the acetate. There is a sheet of windows that can be printed straight onto a sheet of OHP film, but my preference is to use the acetate and labels.
IMG_0872             IMG_0873
The initial build is exactly the same as the Low Relief High Street. A simple, but sturdy carcass forms the base. The floors and ceilings are made out of 2mm board and then stuck together back to back.
These get glued directly onto the backs.
While the glue sets, you need to cut out the sides. Talking of glue, I’m often asked what glue I use. It is a Quick Dry Tacky PVA glue. Available at most craft shops or on line. You only need to hold the piece for a couple of seconds and it bonds. Not totally, but enough to keep it in place until it does cure.
Again, these are 2mm thick and when glued to the floors and backs it makes the very sturdy carcass. (Oh, and that’s the glue I use).
There is three more to build. One more large one and two smaller ones. There is a fifth one which is a little different, but I’ll get to that one later.
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Mad Mary said...

Nice to see you have time for your hobby again. Looking forward to seeing your next instalment Chris.

Mary x