Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Cargo Ship Revisited Pt2…………..

Part two of the revisited T030 Cargo Ship build from Scalescenes, and it’s going quite well. Now that the interior of the bridge is complete, it’s time for the exterior detail. Even down to port and starboard side lights. With the addition of the wind deflector to the upper bridge deck and the bridge front edge, it’s time to fix the bridge section onto the main hull stern deck. I’m sorry I forgot to take any pictures of the funnel been put in place, but as you can see, it fits a treat.

IMG_2593      IMG_2595

IMG_2594      IMG_2598

IMG_2603      IMG_2604

Now time for the the hull sections. These come in four pieces, two for the aft section and two for the forward section. These are cut out and stuck onto 200gsm card stock, so that they can be easily manipulated around the hull form.

IMG_2606      IMG_2607

Carefully manipulated around the form and the hull slowly takes shape.

IMG_2613      IMG_2614

The sides of the hull are now very flimsy due to it being made out of only 200gsm card. These are reinforced with the addition of bulwarks glued to the hull sections. As you can see in the previous picture, I have quite a few small clamps. These are invaluable in this instance, as it makes it so easy to fix and hold the bulwarks in place whilst the glue sets. They are readily available from a popular online auction site, for not a lot of pennies.  In my opinion, you can’t have enough.

IMG_2616      IMG_2615

IMG_2620      IMG_2618

That’s where I am at for the moment, but I think I might be about to make a radical change. I feel some bits may be about to be chopped off!!!

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